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2022-11-29有关微博的英语作文 Micro Blog(汇编2篇)

作文范文:  Nowadays, microblog has been a common communicating tool in our lives and it can be noticed in most places. Microblog provides many conveniences for us while it also brings some bad effects.  F

2022-11-28初一年级关于春节的英语作文The Spring Festival【实用三篇】

第一篇  In China,the Spring Festival in the most important festival.People usually have a long holiday.It lates seven days or more.Most of the families will have a big family get-together.The whole famil


在中考英语写作中,零分作文屡见不鲜,这种现象产生的原因是什么呢?面对这些问题又该如何解决?今天的中考英语名师就来为您谈谈中考英语作文零分那些事。  一、为什么会得零分  第一,因为教材。当前人教版新目标英语的教材中写作所占分量不大,加之学生写作方法单一。而与人教版相比,《新概念》等教材写作训练体系科学, 词句段循序渐进,学生的写作能力在学习教材的过程中得到提高。  第二,因为教师。教师自身的水平,


英语作文  I have a good friend, her name is Lucy, we became friends since I was five years old, she is my neighbor, we play together all the time. Yesterday, Lucy got her ten year-old birthday, she hold a

2022-11-27初一英语作文:Finish class实用2篇

【正文】:  The bell rang and the class was over. Many classmates jumped up from the seat. The classroom became noisy. Some students went out of the classroom while talking and laughing. Two girls were sin

2022-11-27初二英语作文:亚运会 The Asian Game汇总两篇

英语作文  16th Asian Games in 2010 12-27 November in Guangzhou, China, Guangzhou is the second Chinese city to obtain the right to host the Asian Games. Beijing in 1990 held the 11th Asian Games. Guangzho


Make Our Cities Green  With industries and business developing quickly, the number of trees in many big cities has dramatically reduces. Efforts are being made to prevent people from cutting more tree


英语作文  David Beckham perhaps is the most handsome and famous male athlete in the world, his wife Victoria is also very popular around the world, they are the beloved couple for the public. This couple

2022-11-27初二英语作文_我看到的彩虹 The Rainbow I Saw(合集两篇)

英语作文  Before I was 10, I lived in my hometown, it was a small and beautiful village, I love my hometown so much. I remembered when it rained with the sunshine, there would be the rainbow in the sky. A

2022-11-27初二英语作文:自助餐 The Buffet(两篇)

英语作文  I like to eat buffet so much, because I can taste so many food at the same time. There are all kinds of fruits, meat and ice cream, I like them all, so I have great motivation to eat buffet. Eve

2022-11-27初一英语作文:我的元旦 My New Years Day推荐2篇

第一篇  It's the New Years Day today. I got up very early! I heard the bird singing in the trees. After breakfast, my mum, my father and I went to the local park. Everything was beautiful there, We s


距离中考还有半年时间,有的同学开始焦虑:时间越来越短,那么如何才可以在短时间内提高自己的写作水平呢?其实,中考英语写作是很容易提高的。的中考英语名师总结了中考英语写作的提分方式,希望对大家有所启发。  第一,词汇量要充足。  词汇量多少很大程度上决定作文是否能写得下去,很多时候想到一个很好的句子或文字,但一下子词汇不记得了,没法写。词汇量不足的学生,建议使用“奇迹英语背单词8.0&rd


第一篇  Spring, I never had strong feeling to spring before last year. Some people said spring should be a happy season. But I never sensed that. I always liked the autumn because I thought autumn was a


2015年中考的脚步逐渐迈进,有的同学开始焦虑:2015年春节的脚步临近,紧接着就是模考,那么如何才可以在短时间内提高自己的写作水平呢?的中考英语名师说,中考英语写作是很容易提高的。写作文时需要注意的四个方面,希望对大家有所启发。  第一、词汇量要充足  词汇量多少很大程度上决定作文是否能写得下去,很多时候想到一个很好的句子或文字,但一下子词汇不记得了,没法写。词汇量不足的学生,建议重视提高词汇量


第一篇  I have a little secret, that is I have saved some money for myself. My parents don’t know, they still give me the pocket money in time, I save the pocket money for a long time. I want to us

2022-11-27初一英语作文_我的春节 My Spring Festival汇总两篇

第一篇  To tell you the truth, I don't like the Spring Festival at all. When I was young I liked it very much,because I could had something tasty to eat during the Spring Festival,and I could enjoy v


2015中考将至,目前距2015 中考仅有几个月,因此现在是复习的关键时刻,在此YJBYS为了让考生们了解更多的中考试题,以为今年的中考取得更好的成绩。YJBYS的小编为考生们收集了2015年中考(精选)英语作文写作技巧:学会使用过渡句,具体内容请各位考生及时查看如下,尽请关注!  一、巧用过渡句  所谓过渡词,就是表示先后顺序的first, second,…。at last,表示因


2015中考将至,目前距2015 中考仅有几个月,因此现在是复习的关键时刻,在此YJBYS为了让考生们了解更多的中考试题,以为今年的中考取得更好的成绩。YJBYS的小编为考生们收集了2015年中考(精选)英语作文高分写作技巧,具体内容请各位考生及时查看如下,尽请关注!  一、了解高分作文的特点  要想作文获得高分,必须了解高分作文具有的特点,才有助于我们朝之而努力。高分作文一般具有以下特点:  1


Green Food  Nowadays, people pay great attention to the healthy diet, they want to keep healthy and can do a lot of things. Green food has become more and more people’s choice, in the market, al


书面表达是对学生在初中阶段英语学习的综合考查,涉及篇章结构、句子构成、短语使用和单词拼写等多方面内容,的中考英语写作名师温馨提醒大家,在写作时要注意审题。下面小编将就中考书面表达的写作方法和注意事项进行指导:  一、认真审题,确定时态人称,同时关注题材格式  时态:故事性文章一般用过去时,其中表达感受时可用现在时。  说明性或议论性文章一般用现在时,举例时可用过去时。  根据题目要求也会出现时态的



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