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  我的暑假My Summer Holiday

  My summer holiday begun on July 7th.I love summer holiday because I don't have to go to school and I can enjoy myself with my friends.I often spend the mornings doing my homework.And I always watch TV in the afternoon at home because it's very hot outside.And in the evening,I go swimming with my family and then hang out with my friends.I love swimming very much.


  My plan for August is travelling.I travel with my family every summer holiday.I like travelling because I can go to different places and meet different people.Sometimes I make good friends during the journey.And it's very sad to say goodbye to them when the journey ends.


  我的暑假 My Summer Holiday

  Times flys. My summer holiday is coming to theend. My holiday is just so so. It is not too much difference as before. At thebiginning of the vacation, I was doing my homework. After all, study comesfirst. After I finished my homework, it was almost the end of July. It is thetime for me to help my family for harvest. It is so tired to to the farm work. Howevr,being a member of our family, I have to give a hand. Watching the achievement, Ifelt proud though I just help a little. After finished the farm work, I foundmyself become much more tan. Who cares! It was my happy time, when I finishedall the things. I went out with my friends almost everyday. Sometimes we playedgames or sport or went hiking. Sometimes we went shopping in the evening forthe sun is too heavy in the daytime. We felt uncomfortable. But now there aretwo days left before the school opening time. So I have to stay at home for agood rest to store energy for my study. Everything is so perfect. It is 11 o’clock.I think I have to say good ninght now.


  我的暑假生活 My Summer Holiday Life

  This July, I graduatedfrom primary school. I was enrolled to a good middle school. Therefore, I had ahappy and leisure summer holiday. In the middle of July, I attended to a summercamp. It’s about English. There were twenty five students in the camp. We alllike English very much. Together, we studied and played. There were manyactivities, team work or single performance. We tried our best to put ourselvesinto this big family. Most of the time, we talked to each other in English. Ifwe really don’t know how to express in English, we could ask for help. Ourteachers were so great that they could help us a lot. They were so active thatmake us acted as they did. I am happy to attend this activity.


  我的暑假My Summer Holiday

  I was happy thissummer holiday! Do you know why? Because I had enjoyed a good summer holiday!In the morning, sometimes I went toYueXiuParkto play badmintonwith my families or friends. We always went to McDonald's to have lunch afterwe finish the game. My sister and me like swimming, so in the afternoon, wewent to swimming with our father. It was so cool! It feels so great to swim insuch hot summer days.




  At college, I missed my parents a lot. As the term was drawing to an end, I eagerly looked forward to going home. And I planned to do a thousand and one things during the vacation. Above all, I wanted to help my mother with housework. I also wished to read many hooks which my teachers had recommended. However, at home, my mother would never let me do anything. She completely deprived me of sharing her work. As soon as I opened a book to read,she would sit down beside me and ask me about all kinds of things at the college. To please her,I told her one thing after another,and soon I forgot all about books. Even when I was actually reading,she would, now and then,insist that I should eat an egg or drink a cup of tea. When I left home at the end of the vacation, not a thing in my plan had been carried out. But I felt very happy. I believed much more deeply than before in the old saying: Home, sweet home. There’s no place like home!


  My holiday life will be busy but interesting.I am going to do my homework every day so that I can finish my homework on time.I am going to the library to borrow some books and go to the shops to buy some books so that I can read some interesting books.I am going to play sports such as playing basketball,table tennis,swimming and so on .Of course I am going to help my parents do some housework because they are busy with their work every day.I am going to spend a week in Shanghai with my parents so that we can see the expo.I am sure I am going to have an interesting and happy summer vacation.


  Summertime is the best time of the year.There is no school for months and I get to do what I want.With no tests and no homework,I’m as free as a bird.

  I do many things during the summer vacation.I relax by reading books and watching TV.I also hang out with my friends and travel with my family.However,I don’t only play in summer.I take advantage of the free time to learn more.For example,last summer I learned to swim.This summer I might study computers or English.Summer vacation flies by fast,so it’s important to do as much as you can.My Summer Holiday

  I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays this year. I liked green plants, clear rivers and lovely amimals there.I breathed the fresh air on the mountain and sometimes I went swimming in the river. I kept a diary every day.

  I liked not only the scene of the countryside, but also the people there. I helped them to do farm work. I also helped the children in the neighbourhood with their lessons. The children were interested in English. They were good at reading and writing, but did not do well in listening and speaking. I helped them improve their listening and speaking. Their parents thought highly of me. I realized that knowledge is greatly needed in the countryside.


  I spent a really interesting holiday last summer.I went to Hailan with my families.We played happily.I laid on the beach and saw the blue sea.I felt really exciting. We collected beautiful shells.And had many sea food.I enjoyed this summer trip very much.I plan to go there again.it is a really great place to visit.

  How about your holiday?was it wonderful?Please tell me.

  This funny holiday

  This summer holiday is so full of fun .because I help my mother do the housework every day.

  In everday morning . I get up at 9 am and help my mother cooking breakfast. After breakfast, I go to do myself homework,then my mother help me washing dishes.I always finish my homework within 2 or 3 hours .

  When the noon come . We often cooking lunch together . But sometime my mother very busy , then I cooking lunch alone.

  In 4 pm to 6 pm ,at the afternoon . I will go swimming everyday . I always invent my good friend with me go swimming . It can let me relex and happy .

  So I say my summer holiday in this term is full of fun .

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