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  My father is a soldier, but also a good leading cadres. Usually my father is very fond of reading, in the work is always meticulous. Father is not only strict on their own requirements, but also very concerned about my study.

  Remember once, get the math teacher down the unit test roll, see the above red fork, the test paper also read 83 points. Suddenly, I like a leaked ball.

  Back home, I still like usual, after dinner began to write homework. But the father is home leave but found my exception, I know that I certainly have nothing to hide from him. After my homework at night, I went to bed. Dad opened my bag and found my unit test roll. Daddy in the light to help me put the wrong place all corrected over. Although I have gone to bed, but I can not sleep for a long time. So I got the courage to prepare to show it to my father. After a fierce ideological struggle, I slowly pushed the door, saw his father was asleep, and that papers are placed on the desk, I picked up a look, the above also wrote a solution to the process and the answer. See here, I do not consciously shed tears of shame.

  Dad because of the particularity of the work, a year to come back off a vacation, but he is my school and my life is always so concerned about, from time to time to call my study and life, let me feel the warmth, but also more understanding Dad's selfless dedication. Dad has always been a strong character, but also a sense of dedication, a strong sense of responsibility. His words and deeds always affect me, inspired me. I must be a father as an example, learn, grow up to become useful to the community of talent.


  He often do Beckham hairstyle, feet wear large shoes, love to play golf, who is he? He is my father. I tell you my father's story!

  National Day holiday, Dad took our family to do a very meaningful trip, the first stop, my father chose Shanxi Wutai Mountain, dad talked about an important allusion, Wutai Mountain is a Buddhist mountain, for the Manjusri's temple, Manjusri Is the students of the first payment of God, in particular, Manjusri is the father and my patron saint, each of us will have a patron saint. Wutai Mountain in the road on both sides of the beautiful and beautiful autumn, full of mountains and plains are covered with golden white poplar, really beautiful, our family also a shadow it!

  The second station went to the Great Wall of Beijing, wow! Here is like a dragon, many people are climbing the Great Wall, my father and I have climbed to a beacon, the father said: "The Great Wall is the emperor Built to prevent the Huns attack, the project with millions of migrant workers, spent decades to build. "This project is really great! See in the outer space see.

  The third station, we went to Tianjin, visited the aircraft carrier, this aircraft carrier is China's former Soviet Union to buy the retired warships, people visit, really happy, our country has its own aircraft carrier, and can surround our great motherland, No longer be oppressed by the powers. We went to Tianjin famous antique snack street, my father he bought me a sugar with a dragon.

  It was time for us to go home for a happy six-day trip. Ah, but I feel good to pack up a happy mood, ready to go to school slightly.


  Everyone knows that father loves mountains, maternal love water. These love is not life for life, these people are life is worth your love.


  I am a child of a rural family, but my education can be compared with the city, my dear father asked me strict, he taught me a man, an accident, want me to be a moral, intellectual, physical, The development of good boy. He worked hard for us all day, that face full of frosty face covered with wrinkles, he and his mother bitter to our brothers and sisters pull big, but also to cultivate us as the pillars of the country, to our best school, Wear the best clothes and ...

  Every time I do wrong, you always have a harsh look at me, until I know so far; often I test bad, you will use the warmest big hands touch my head, kindly said: "It does not matter , When a test smashed does not mean always test smashed ah. "When I was good, I said to you:" This test has become the past, can be said to become history, you can not be proud, must for the next one Papers and work ah! "In fact, my father for my mouth I understand, because I also know that" modesty makes progress, proud of behind "Well, is my father to my self, is my father to my heart ... ... in the father's We will be able to succeed in our minds.

  My father let me practice calligraphy, to participate in military training ... ... these are that he's my share of my selfless love ah! He let me understand "a hard work, a harvest" truth, let me understand "hard to" Let me know "Paul Jianfeng from sharpening, plum blossom from bitter cold" meaning.

  Dear Dad, you have conquered me with your own labor; you have touched me with your own smile; you have inspired me with the greatest love. I love you - kindly daddy.


  Dad grew up in a single parent family, perhaps this is not perfect family created his father's reticent character. Until there is me, my father will always have some smile.

  Perhaps the boy's heart and personality accounted for the upper hand, my father earnestly told me reason, I always disdain, turn a deaf ear, or severely refute a pass. In this regard, my father just silently smoking. I thought it was naive. Can learn no father's urging, the results naturally fell. At that moment, although my father did not hit me, but the death of the general silence, desperately smoking, my father greeted his face showing disappointment look. I am determined, must be in the study and life to achieve success, by praise. Let my father show a rare smile.

  Dad's smile is more out of my sensible. That day at noon to eat fish, my father was a big fish caught, rice balls, water, steamed bread swallowed, are of no avail. Cross here is painful, my father kept moaning. I am very worried. Home school at night, I still do not worry that hateful fishbone, even homework is also absent-minded. Dad a home, I asked: "Dad, the fish did not go down?" "Go on!" Dad smiled, it seems very satisfied. Then I went to the study to get the book, I heard my father kept saying: "I am very happy today, because the daughter said a concern!" I suddenly realized that I should often give my father more care, so that my father has Sweet love and happiness!

  Dad, your smile is an indispensable part of my growth. It makes me feel warm and happy. As your daughter, to see your white hair gradually increased, I must hard work, make achievements, so that your smile often!


  My dad is a good senior engineer, he has a round face, high nose on wearing a myopic glasses, I look like him, the two of us together like a pair Die printed out of the same.

  Dad worked every morning and evening, and worked so hard. He likes to smoke, drink cola and play computer, but I think smoking is not good for my father, because it will affect his health, as to play the computer, he played a computer game like drilling into the computer like, what forgot The. But one thing is worth learning, and sometimes he late get off work, can not keep up with listening to the stock market class, it will call my mother to help him to record, and so on to return home to study the stock from the study, I admire the father of this both the family and learn Spirit, he often said that the world is changing every day progress, we have to continue to learn advanced things to keep up with the pace of the times. My mother also educated me to learn my father this studious spirit.

  In fact, everyone has advantages and disadvantages, but the parents of our love is selfless. Whenever I do not know where to learn to ask my father, he always took the trouble to help me answer. If I still do not understand, my father will again and again patience to explain to me, until I understand so far, finally my father paid in exchange for me one after another good results. When my father was doing well, I always told me not to be proud and to work hard. He often said, "- praise for two minutes, do not be proud!

  I know that everyone in the eyes of the father are not the same, but my father in my heart is always the most perfect!


  Dad is like a pillar, support from a family; father like a mountain, to assume the due responsibility; father like a candle, illuminate my mind ... ... Dad is very concerned about me, but he is not every time But to express it from some manners.

  My father is long and big eyes, a very straight nose, a mouth that can speak, formed a handsome face.

  Dad is very responsible.

  I remember one time, I have a few questions will not do, they went to the father to ask, my father let me read the subject, and then asked me there will not, the last one patiently explained to me until I will be. Another time, I did not test well, very afraid of my father called me, home on the road, I have been thinking about how and father explained, did not expect to go home, I told the results of the father, my father not only scold me, But also blame themselves. Since then, my father every day to give me a question, there are several times to eat time, I call my father to eat, my father said to help me out of the topic and then eat, until the title finished, my father to eat to eat, the food has been cool, and so on When I finished my dad's title, my dad had a good meal, and he came to help me check and find the wrong title. He told me where it was wrong, what should I do, and then a few days later. Dad is always doing that. I can have such a responsible father very happy.

  Dad is very concerned about my study. Every time at the dinner table, my father always asked me what happened in the school, how the situation, how the exam situation ... ... I can have a so concerned about my study of my father feel very happy.

  I love my dad, because he is very responsible, very concerned about my study!


  Mom often said that Dad was a nerd. I see my father is also like a nerd, but it should be called "big book fans" fishes.

  Dad every time to go to work, sitting on the bus, have to take a book, if there is a seat, he sat down, he immediately took out a book to see. Once, because the book is too fascinated, the car opened 2 points, only to think of the get off, the results had to take the return of 2 cars, and then to the company to work, to the company said to colleagues, colleagues Said: "You are a 'book fans' ah!" Every day after lunch, as long as there is a free, he immediately took out the book to see.

  Another time, my father, the "book fans" also made a big joke, that day, my father came back from work, eat dinner, and got into his study, won his book, look ah look. Suddenly, the study of the cabinet on the table clock "Dangdang" even knock on the next seven, my father took the bag, hurry out from the study. Mom asked puzzled: "Where are you going?" Dad said: "seven o'clock, go to work, do not go late!" I listened to the side of the secret smile. Mom opened the curtain and said, "You look outside." "It was seven o'clock at night." Dad scratched his head. Mom said: "You are a big book fans, twilight down friends." Dad heard their own laugh.

  Dad likes to read books, has been accustomed to. But my mother is also often to my father said: "My glasses have to deepen the degree, do not read it again." My father? He just smiled, for a while put the mother's words thrown into the clouds. Every night, he must see the night to sleep.

  Dad is a "big book fans" ah! I want to learn from him, to be a "little book fans."


  My mom and dad may not be the best, but love me; my mom and dad may not be the best, but in my heart is the most beautiful of the most handsome. Because one thing makes me know my mom and dad is the best. Do not lose someone else's mom and dad.

  I remember when I was four years old, I came back from the kindergarten, finished homework on the outside and the children play games ----- turn. I called my mother bought me a product of orange Shuang, is a glass bottle to do, I and the children turn when the halo, it fell to the ground, the glass bottle to scratch my face, out of a lot of blood Well, left a deep mark, when I touch my face, I am very sad, Mom and Dad also tears.

  Blink of an eye I was twelve years old, on the sixth grade.

  Now I read the sixth grade, see my mother and dad for my little early test is good, busy busy busy, almost every day I will flow a tear, my mother sitting on the sofa, I saw my mother's white hair and more; to the father of tea Daddy has lost a lot. See my mom and dad so worried about me, I have no reason not to learn, I have no reason in such a good environment do not seriously study, I have no reason not to listen to my mother's father. Mom and Dad do not have to worry about me, why do they worry about me, because I do not listen, do not study hard. So I went to junior high school, I must change their own, I want to become obedient, good learning good boy. Mom and Dad often say where it does not matter, as long as the attitude, hard to learn, so good test a good high school, so I should attitude to positive, good learning.

  Mom and Dad, so I am in junior high school, and I will become more sensible, I want for you, for me, for my grandfather grandmother, good study. Will not let you worry.


  In life, I have a meticulous care of my father; in the study, I have a strict request for my father; in the game, I have a long father is not long.

  My dad has two biggest advantages: one Willing to contribute to the country and not to return; The next generation of learning and life is very concerned about.

  Previously, my father built a railway in Turpan, Xinjiang. He is 365 days a year, day and night, hard working, and work eight or nine hours a day. Three meals a day are bread, rarely eat meat and rice, the day is very hard. Sleep at night only five or six hours, the next morning have to get up, eyes full of bloodshot eyes. However, he still refused to give up this glorious work, and later was transferred to do a taxi driver.

  My father is not only hard working, but also very strict to me. Once, I have two notes did not do my job, a small partner told me to go out to jump rubber band. I could not bear the temptation of rubber band, jumped up in the yard: "car, Di Di Di, Malan blossom twenty-one ..." When I jump is happy, my father came back from work, they asked: "Yuanyuan , The job did not finish? "I replied:" Immediately, so I jumped to do that two reading notes. "At this time, has always been gentle father suddenly serious, like the eagle caught the chicken as I grabbed the study The I have to do my homework. Until I finished, he stretched his brow. At this time, my father said: "I jumped with you on the bar when you dad or skipping master it!" Then, they jumped up no.

  Ah, dad, you are my inspiration and inspiration in life, in learning and life forever motivated me forward.

  Ah, my father, I will study hard, repay your kind of love for my selfless.


  My father is 37 years old, he has a pair of bright and piercing eyes, eyes there are some years left traces. Dad's hair is very short, he said it can be convenient to wash your hair. In my mind, he always wore the dirty clothes, two hands very rough, a look to know his work is very hard.

  You do not see him usually always laughing, in fact, I was very harsh. Dad said, do not ask me to test the first class, as long as the first few to enter the line on the line. I remember one time I careless, only test eighty points. On the way home from school, my heart like "fifteen bucket water - seven on eight". Back home, my father asked me how many points test, I scared not speak. Dad took me past, said to me: "I usually teach you how, how can you afford me, how worthy of working hard in the mother abroad?" Dad's words let me shed tears of pain.

  Although my father is harsh, but the heart is very hurt me.

  I remember once, my father took me to the park to play. After getting out of the car, I walked for a moment to feel a little tired. Dad seeing me busy said: "Lin Yu, I come back you walk it!" Then he squatted down, let me climb up his big back. I was lying on the back of my father very comfortable to touch his hair, in the sun's exposure, I saw the father's head has a silver-like hair like hair. My heart slightly dengkou a bit, thinking, how so fast father began to old? I secretly shed tears, and my heart silently said: "Dad, I must learn, grow up and reward your parenting!"

  In fact, my father's love for me far more than this little bit. My mother went abroad for three years, my father both when the father and when the mother, the tube I eat, drink, play ... ... Dad's hard is unspeakable.






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