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Big panda, belongs to mammals, carnivores, and bear family. It is the only mammal of giant panda Asia family and giant panda. It shared the great panda composition for everyone!



The cute giant panda, everyone has seen it, why?Because it is cute!


Let me introduce the cute giant panda.It is full of fluffy, consisting of black and white hair, black limbs, and black chests. Two black ears are very conspicuous.The eye circles of not sleeping all night.Looking at a small seam from a distance, it is a big seam.The claws are very sharp.The limbs are fat, really flexible, and climb the trees! The body is also obese and obese, cute!


Big pandas like to eat bamboo, sometimes change the taste, and eat some small animals, but it likes to eat bamboo shoots the most, because bamboo shoots are crispy and juicy, delicious, and rich in nutrition, so big pandas like bamboo shoots the most.EssenceThe giant panda is afraid of heat or cold. When winter comes, the snowflakes like goose hair floating in the sky are playing happily in the snow! Because it has thick fur on the body, the cold wind cannot be blown in, so the giant panda is not afraid of coldEssenceBut they are afraid of heat. In the summer, they are still hot in the air -conditioned room. It turns out that its thick skin cannot be dissipated, so it is afraid of heat.Don't underestimate it, it is usually docile, but it has a strong temper!


You see! How cute the giant panda!



If I have a good foreign friend, he must like Chinese treasure pandas as much as I am.The giant panda has a fat body, his body is white and his limbs are black.There is also a pair of furry ears and a pair of black eyes, which are very beautiful and cute.


In addition to eating most of the time, the giant panda is sleeping.When they slept, their heads were facing, and they turned over when they woke up.The giant panda walked very slowly, but they were not stupid, and they were very flexible to climb trees and climbing mountains.


The big pandas are mainly eating fresh bamboo leaves and bamboo shoots.A panda can eat dozens of pounds a day.When they eat, they sit with their legs, and they grab the bamboo leaves into their mouths.When they drank the water, they lowered their bodies, bowed their heads to grute.


Panda is a precious animal, and China is its hometown.There are many panda -shaped things in our house. I also pinched a panda's bubble mud and handmade. Everyone said that it was very beautiful.If my good foreign friends are here, I will give it to him, he will like it!



I like many animals, such as little white rabbits, flowers cats, spotted dogs, etc.But the giant panda is still my favorite.Classmates, do you know where the hometown of the giant panda is?Tell you!The hometown of the giant panda is in Sichuan Province.


The appearance of giant pandas is very interesting.Its body is black and white.Its face and belly are white, and the rest are black.Especially the pair of dark circles, because the eye circles grew on the white face.Therefore, the panda seems to be wearing a pair of sunglasses.


In the zoo in Sichuan, the giant panda I saw.The giant panda is so cute!The whole body is fat, fluffy.If someone takes a picture of him, it still makes a V gesture, and it is still under the chin!Wow!It's so lively there, what are you doing?I crowded over, oh, it turned out to be a giant panda performance.Oh, there are so many pandas!There are sliding stairs, rolling balls, turning over, etc.My favorite show is to watch the giant panda slippery stairs. I saw the panda swing and twisted into the stairs, yo, it couldn't go!It turned out that the panda was too fat and stuck in the middle of the stairs.Look at him in a hurry ...


I love the giant panda. On my schoolbag, on the pencil box, there are panda stickers everywhere on the bed.If the teacher calls free painting, I will paint a panda.Maybe I like panda too much!


Children, do you know?Panda is our national treasure!



I like the cute and cute polar bear, light and lively kitten ... but my favorite clumsy giant panda.


At the age of seven, I followed my mother, cousin, cousin, and aunt to go to Qixing Park. After watching the lion performance, we went to the giant panda to watch the giant panda.


The giant panda came out of the house!It was the first time I saw the giant panda in my life. The eyes of the giant panda were round, and the black circles were surrounded by my eyes, like the "dark circles" of the giant panda.


My mother told me that giant pandas are one of the most precious animals in the world. They are mainly distributed in individual mountains and mountainous areas in Sichuan, Gansu, and Shaanxi Province in my country.


I saw the bamboo forest beside the "home" and walked around, and then picked up a bamboo and picked it up. The look of eating bamboo was really funny.


Although some people say that the panda fur is very white, but after watching the giant panda, I found that the panda's fur is very yellow. It should be that he has too much soil!


Although the giant panda is very clumsy, it is very cute and loved. I like clumsy giant pandas!


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