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The good teacher in my heart is worthy of our respect and gratitude to people.The editor collected the excellent essay of the good teacher in my mind in 2017. Welcome to read.



When you turn around, I understand that there is only a light greeting left in the next meeting.The crushed floor flower case in the corridor silently pressed my hesitate to be slightly hesitated.


The end of one thing means the beginning of another.I have more or less parting, and I am relieved.


Open the gate of my memory and open the door to the new life.She was wearing a dress in front of her, her hair style was a hair that was used to middle -aged women, and she had a pair of glasses on the bridge of her nose.Holding a pen in his hand and bowing your head on the paper.Hearing the sound of pushing the door, she put down her pen, turned to look at me, and smiled, "You are here."


What is the situation? "You are here", is she knowing me? But we have only met today.Just when I was wondering about this, she said again, "Come and sign in." I nodded, finished the established registration procedure, and stood in place and didn't know what to do next."You can just find a seat to sit down." She saw me standing in place and instruct me what to do next.I found a relatively remote position and sat down, sorted out something, held my chin with one hand, and looked up at every move on the podium.She bowed her head and rotated quickly in her hands.Whenever a freshman reports, she will put down the pen in her hand and receive the arrival of the new life.


She is my class teacher and a math teacher.


It was the third day after the final exam, and I came to the office as agreed.She gave me a key and asked me to move a chair in the classroom to sit.Move from the classroom to the chair and place it next to her, and then sat down.She handed me a piece of paper with the final results of the classmates.The eyes were swept down quickly from the first one. When I saw my name, I stopped carefully. I was ninth, and my smile was revealed from the corner of my mouth.When I perceived my joy, she said again, "This time you test well, but you need to work hard." I nodded and continued.She took out a stack of transcripts, "When you wait, you will report the results to me, I will remember it." The two struggled in the office for more than an hour.I stood up and asked her, "Teacher, is there anything else?" "No, thank you for helping me, otherwise I will take a long time to complete!"Take a bag of fruits in the drawer and hand it to me.I shoved again and again, and finally accepted the teacher's kindness.


This incident was a sensation, and I didn't know how to happen.After class, a male classmate covered his left eye, and his blood flowed out of his fingers.At that time, we were all stunned, and the squad leader responded quickly, and immediately went out of the classroom to the office.Not long after, there was a click outside the corridor. She appeared at the door of the classroom and took away the male classmate.


The next day, the male classmate appeared in his seat, and this time he was wrapped in gauze with his left eye.After the first quarter, she appeared behind the classroom and muttered a few words with the boy next to him.The sound of the table and chair in the classroom sounded, and those boys dragged his tables and chairs towards the podium.He also took his schoolbag to sit down in the first row.She walked to the side of the podium. "The students should be careful of Chen Dong's wounds in the future and take care of him." Then, walk out of the classroom.


The time was at noon.At the beginning of the lunch break, she came and called the two parties out.The curtains were stirred out, and they couldn't listen to their conversation. They just felt that their conversation was as calm as quiet water.I couldn't stop the sleepy, I lay on the table and started a nap.When I woke up, I was close to get out of class to watch the clock.Seeing the figures of the two classmates, they were still linked to the curtains again, and they continued to talk.


In the blink of an eye, it was the last class of the class on Wednesday.The theme of this team is "About the Fighting Incident on the campus".After introducing the content on the PPT, the perpetrator walked forward with a piece of paper.He acknowledged the mistakes he made, apologized to the victims, apologized to the teachers and classmates, and advised us not to hurt others and hurt ourselves because of our momentary charging.The victim also stepped forward. He said that he was wrong and apologized to the perpetrator.Things have been solved successfully, and I have to admit that she should have her credit.


The teacher walked out of the classroom and immediately boiled in the classroom.The phrase "you are in a few classes" have been used by many people.I also joined this team, and I felt excited when I thought of the new class.Thinking of this upcoming class, the teacher just told us: classmates, you will leave the fourth class to go to the new class. The teacher hopes that you can get along well with the teacher and classmates in the new class.After two years, you can be admitted to the ideal university.Thinking of this, there was a sour in my heart.I think I should say goodbye to her.


Go out of the classroom and step on the office.The sun stabbed across the left shoulder and slowed down.She was stunned and saw what she should say? Push the door and go straight to her desk.Climbing the table along the table, two words were spit out from her mouth for a long time, "Teacher." She smiled at me, "You are here! What is going to find me?" I nodded and shook my head again, "I'm fine."She said," You are very good for the media class, you need to study hard! It will be very hard in the future. "I nodded, thanked the teacher's advice.


Farewell to the teacher, walking out of the office, the sun is still the same, but this time I have been on the right shoulder.


Although we just get along for one year, the memories you leave me will not forget for ten years.Thank you for your concern to me when I am sick, and thank you for your help when I was in trouble.The ancients said: "One day as a teacher, a father for life", no matter where I am, you will always be a good teacher in my mind!



To say that the good teacher in my mind, of course, is the class teacher of our class, Mr. An.As soon as we entered the school gate, Mr. An has been teaching to our fourth grade.She not only taught us knowledge, but also taught us how to be a person, and turned us from an ignorant child into a knowledgeable boy!


On that day, the school had to pay ten yuan. Lin Lin's money was placed in the pocket behind the jeans. After the get out of class, Lin Lin jumped and jumped, and Qian quietly came out of his pocket and fell to the ground. A classmate saw it and just wanted to tell her that Lin Lin had run into the toilet with a smoky way. The classmate did not pick up the money. After class, the teacher asked the classmates to pay the money. Lin Lin touched his pocket pockets, and the money was gone! Lin Lin looked for right, and the classmates next to them told her that the money had just fallen to the ground. Lin Lin quickly lowered his head. At this time, there was no trace of money on the ground, and Lin Lin was anxious to cry. Teacher An heard the cry and asked, "Lin Lin, what's wrong?" "Money ... money ..., my money was lost!" Lin Lin said sobbing. Teacher An came to the table and asked, "Who picked up Lin Lin's ten yuan?" No one answered. "You know, taking other people's money is the most immoral! Please hand over the money with the classmates of Lin Lin money!" Teacher An's face sank, his expression was heavy, and his voice was even more reddish. But no one still made a voice ... After class, Teacher An made these ten yuan for Lin Lin. Turning to the sky, Lin Lin wanted to return the money to the teacher, but Teacher An resolutely did not accept it.


During the meal at noon, classmates, you pushed me to squeeze the soup. I do n’t know who it was. I accidentally touched Xiaoyu's lunch box and buckled all the meals on the ground.When Xiao Yi was at a loss, Teacher An walked over with a broom and dustpan, cleaned the ground, and quietly put his box lunch on the table of Xiaoyu, and said to him, "You eat!"No, Teacher An. If I eat your meal, what do you do? Are you hungry?" "It's okay, I'm not hungry now, you can eat it in the afternoon!Hungry, you can buy it outside the school. "Teacher An said calmly.


Teacher An often told us proudly that she is richer than our mother because she has forty -one children.Teacher An used her selfless love to pour us, tolerate us with her tolerance, and to teach us severely with her! Although I am not the best student in your mind, you are in my mindThe best teacher!



There are many teachers in a person's life. Parents are the indispensable teachers in our growth, and then we go to school as we grow older.Since then, the teacher has entered our lives and has become an indispensable part of our life.


Every teacher is different. Although the teacher is good, no teacher is perfect.


They do not need to have a beautiful appearance, but they must face all students with kindness; they do not need to have too much discourse, as long as all students feel the warmth of the family;"Okay, but use their own time to refute the respect of others; they do not need any returns, they will selflessly pass on all their knowledge to every student ...


They should be a talented person. They can answer them in the classroom to discover the world with their eyes, just tell the world in words, and just use words to depict the problems raised by the naive children in the world.The answers to the questions we raised are reasonable, so that we understand the people who realize it.


We are a group of ignorant children. We are curious about the surrounding things. We all have our own dreams and those "great" ideals. We will repeat those who are very naive in the eyes of adults to play tens of thousands of times.It will not play those games that are very fun in the eyes of adults.


The good teachers in my heart must also have the eyes that are good at discovering others, just discovery and create the advantages of each student, and let the students discover: "Every teacher is so approachable." Then use the student to use the student as a student.The trust of the teachers to encourage students to work hard at their true great ideals.I think the best teaching quality that a good teacher should have should be a love for teaching and love for classmates, so that they will really devote themselves to the teaching career he loves, so that they can become a good teacher.


The good teacher in my heart is worthy of our respect and gratitude to people.They are like lighthouses in the night sky by the sea, and they illuminate the way home for fishermen who have not returned all night; such as the finger passers -by in the road of life, for the direction of us in the road of moving forward ...













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