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The correctness and importance of the general goal of the long -term stability of Xinjiang's social stability, and pointed out that the majority of ethnic minority cadres must fully understand the severe, complexity, and sharpness of the current stable situation.The following is a briefing of Xinjiang's promising sword activities compiled by Xiaobian. I hope it will be helpful to you.



The theme is clear and powerful, covering the six major sectors


"Love the Communist Party of China, love the motherland, and love the Chinese nation family, anti -division, anti -extreme, anti -violence", from April 11, more than ten days, from all ethnic groups, religions, democratic parties and democratic parties and democratic parties in the region.Nearly a thousand representatives of the six major representatives of the six major circles of Chinese and overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese, studying abroad, and the non -public economy gathered in Urumqi, closely focusing on social stability and long -term safety of long -term security.The essence of forces, discussing the crime of "three forces", expressing the strong determination of the Chinese Communist Party, the love of the great motherland, and the great family of the Chinese nation.All circles work hard to achieve social stability and long -term stability.


On April 27, the deputy minister of the United Front Work Department of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, Wuramu Mudu Cardel, said in an interview that the theme of the Sword Sword Series was determined as "three loves and three anti"., General Secretary Xi Jinping replied to Uncle Kurban, hoping that the whole family would continue to be the same as Uncle Kurban, to be a model that loves the party, loves the motherland, loves the Chinese national family, and promote the people of all ethnic groups like pomegranates.Seeds are tightly hugged together, and under the leadership of the party, we will create a better tomorrow in Xinjiang.Therefore, we combined with the reality of the current anti -terrorism and stability struggle in Xinjiang to determine this distinctive and powerful theme that reflects the voices of the people.


In order to give full play to the preservation of the unity of the motherland and the promotion of national unity in all walks of life, against the active role of violent horror, resist the extreme role of religious extremes, from all ethnic groups to the religious world, from various democratic parties, non -parties to studying abroad, from the overseas Chinese community to non -non -non -party communityThe six sectors of the public economy industry, participating in the series of activities, have strengthened the theme based on their own characteristics and advantages.


Representatives of various ethnic groups held the theme of "strengthening national unity, opposing national division, and maintaining the unity of the motherland".The seminar for de -extremeization, various democratic parties and non -party parties held the symposium on the representatives of democratic parties in the autonomous region with the themeThe theme of studying in the country to serve Xinjiang and concentric peers to maintain stability "was held to hold a symposium on representatives of overseas students in the autonomous region.Hold a symposium on non -public economic representatives in the autonomous region with the theme of "strong beliefs, unity, and harmony".People from all walks of life have spoken their swords and expressed their attitudes, calling on the masses to actively participate in the "three love and three anti" activities.


Qi Fa Sheng Jun Liang Jian's firm position belief


It is understood that the theme is loud and participating in a wide range of activities, creating several firsts in the history of our district: representatives of 56 ethnic groups in Xinjiang, representatives of six major areas, six major circles, six religionsThe representatives of the religious community, the Chinese and overseas Chinese representatives gathered for the first time.


Everyone agreed that the series of "three loves and three anti -" series of activities strongly exposed the reaction nature of national divisionism and religious extremism, condemned the crime of anti -human, anti -society, and anti -civilization of violent terrorist activity, and improved the crime of anti -human, anti -society, and civilization.People and the masses oppose the consciousness and firmness of ethnic division and resist the extreme thoughts of religious extreme thoughts.Further clarifying the vague understanding, strengthening the belief of the position, and expressing the common voice of the love of the party and the great motherland, the great family of the Chinese nation, the maintenance of national unity, the maintenance of social stability, the unity of the motherland, and the pursuit of a happy and beautiful life.It is good for righteousness and evil, promotes positive energy, and enhances the good effects of positive leadership, influence, communication, and radiation.


Patriotic religious person in Taberbig Township, Kashgar City, said that as a Chinese citizen, as a patriotic religious person, he has an incredible responsibility and obligation to social stability and economic development., Wantonly hurt the innocent people, kill patriotic religious people, and affect worldly life, we must use justice to act and resolutely fight a headache.


In 2001 and 2004, the dean of the School of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, the School of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, who studied in Japan twice in 2001 and 2004, said that the representatives listened to the representatives and shiny swords, and they were deeply emotional. As a college intellectual,While doing your job well, you must also do the ideological and political work of students, educate students to feel the party, listen to the party, follow the party, and resolutely prevent ethnic splitism and religious extreme ideas.For those who are useful for the country and society, people who are reliable in politics and ideology.


Guang spread far and affects the participation of the whole people to maintain stability


It is understood that this series of activities have attracted the attention of major media in Xinjiang, foreign media, national media, and international media.Sound and firm determination to spread to all parts of the country and even around the world.


After each "Three Love and Three Affairs" symposiums, all the representatives of the meeting will initiate initiatives, and the series of activities initiative have a wide and far -reaching impact.


Wuramu Abu Cardel said that maintaining Xinjiang's social stability and strengthening national unity is a long -term job. It is not a person or a group. It requires the participation of the whole people. Everyone should do this well.The practitioner of the item.It is believed that taking this series of activities as an opportunity, it will continue to stimulate the enthusiasm of cadres and masses from all walks of life, unite consensus, gather strength, and form a strong atmosphere of courage to fight with national division, religious extreme thoughts, and violent terrorist activities, forming people to form peopleThe strong atmosphere of people's competition for national unity, maintaining social stability and the unified practitioners of the motherland, and actively contributed to social stability and long -term stability.


Gilgestein overseas Chinese, Xiaoklai Aplizi, said that it will give full play to the extensive advantages of overseas Chinese in overseas Chinese, and make the party's national policies and religious policies, the huge achievements of Xinjiang's reform and development, and the great changes in the production and life of the masses of all ethnic groups.Propagate, let the world understand Xinjiang and let more people know Xinjiang.At the same time, it is necessary to reveal the brutal nature of the "three forces" anti -human, anti -society, and anti -civilization to overseas, and make the "three forces" a street mouse. Everyone shouted!



"Don't forget your original intention, move forward; loud and brighten your sword, and go forward bravely." In order to fully show the cadres of the village work team, the cadres of the village work courage to speak and dare to light up the sword, firmly and resolutely fight for the "three forces" struggle to the end, and further arouse the grassroots party members and cadres and the masses.The voice and strength of the "three shares of forces" fight for the struggle, combined with the recent publicity work of the autonomous region, on the occasion of the flag raising, the autonomous region's audit hall is located in the "two committees" organization of the "two committees" organization of the "two committees" organization of the village of Jugu Village, Gujiang City, Hutan City,The 50,000 residents (communities) and village (community) party branch secretaries collectively spoke to the sword ".Today, the participants in the village are the first secretary of the village, Comrade Gao Cuiping, the secretary of the village branch, Comrade Haierisha, the all members of the village work team, 12 cadres of the village committee, 30 party members in the village, and 1,061 people, a total of 1,110 people.


Although there are no minority cadres in the village work team, Comrade Zhao Yuena, bilingual cadres, combined with the study of the "Wake -up Book of Uyghur Compatriots" and the little bit of life from a young age.Wu Bulikhammu · Shi Tu gave comrades to learn, consciously responsible for the responsibility and mission of jointly maintaining the unity of the motherland, maintaining national unity, and social stability, the banner and firm position, firm and resolutely strive for social stability and long -term stability.


Subsequently, the deputy township chief Abu Dudu Huanhe Abu Edu Ai, and the secretary of the village branch Haier Nunur Ai Ai El El El bought the sword, combined with the recent work focus, further emphasized the necessity and decision of the "de -extreme" work.Sexuality and "three forces" are determined to win in the end, advocate everyone to "listen to the party, feel the party, walk with the party, and love the motherland", and spread the positive energy of the society.


In the end, Comrade Zhao Yuena in the village work team read out the "A Letter to the Communist Party of Farmers and herdsmen throughout the Xinjiang Agriculture and Animal Communist Party" to call on all party members and cadres to do a good job of model leaders to defend the peace and peace of China, maintaining the stability and stability of Xinjiang society and the stability of Xinjiang's social stability.Long rule for a long time and work hard!



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