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The following is the content of the basic knowledge of writing fantasy novels compiled by Xiaobian. Welcome everyone to read!


Here I will explain the model of the creation of fantasy fairy fantasy novels.Many authors actually have a common problem, that is, relying on the small inspiration of the seventy -eight shattered in his heart, he blindly started the creation of the novel.But after such an author, you will feel that the writing is too boring!


In particular, the newcomer authors have only read the novels of the great gods before, and have not contacted the creation of the novel.Such authors often come to the palace created by netwers with blood.In the end, most of them had to end with the end of the eunuch because they were too boring.



1. The outline is crucial for a book.The outline can be divided into general outlines and thin outlines.The so -called general outline is the general development route of your book. From where, where to pass, and what the ending of the end, this is the content of the general outline.


2. Fine Outline plays the role of this storyline here. One book has a variety of hot -blooded settings alone, which is absolutely not enough.In the details of the outline, you can summarize the small stories, and then these small stories are expanded into large stories.


3. In addition, in the outline, you can also mark some of the more important characters, plots, and settings, and often look at it when writing.



1. Many authors like to add some "programs" that have nothing to do with the plot in front of the text. In fact, what I want to say is that the existence of these things cannot be used for newcomers.On the contrary, this will eliminate the reader's interest in seeing your text.


2. Chapter 1 is very important.The first chapter mainly starts to develop the plot around the perspective of the protagonist. It is best to write the protagonist at the beginning, but don't abuse it, remember!


3. Chapter 2, because of the pavement of Chapter 1, Chapter 2 can write the protagonist.This chapter generally focuses on the golden finger. As for what is the golden finger, you can refer to the Panlong ring in "Panlong" in "Breaking the Sky".All in all, the golden finger is a bug that allows the protagonist to upgrade quickly.


4. Chapter III, the protagonist can be turned over here.From here to Chapter 4, and even Chapter 5, it is a very refreshing plot.


The above is the general content of the first three chapters.There may be many authors who read it when they read: Is it written like this?


Here, I will only say that the above is a general development route. The route is dead, and people are alive.This depends on your own skills. Many newcomers novels follow this model, and various plots are strange.However, the change is unable to leave its ancestors, no matter what is strange, it is still the same model in the end.



With the first three chapters, it is not enough to attract readers. If you want to really retain readers, the wonderful plot is also essential.In a book, it is impossible for the book to be full.


Thousands of people who read novels. Do you know who these people are?


1. Students, students' spare life is undoubtedly very rich.The world of novels is undoubtedly very attractive.However, one thing is that students generally look at pirated texts and will not chase.Only after you finish your book, you will go to the Internet to search for various piracy and finish watching in one breath.


2. Many people like to pass the time in this way in office workers, buses, and long -distance buss.Because of the work, these people prefer to use the way of watching novels.


In summary, we can summarize a little. The time for readers to read books is usually a rest time.If your book is too complicated and read a headache for a long time, the reader will give up your text soon.Therefore, the plot is very important. Your plot can be very dog -blooded, but as long as people feel relaxed, funny, and even make people feel enthusiastic, anticipation, etc., then you are not far from success.



As a web author, update is a must -have daily job.Many newcomers feel that how much words they update every day are so amazing, and they feel fluttering for five or six thousand a day.I am really helpless and helpless for these newcomers.


If you want to write a book, you need to update at least 5000+ a day, which is the most basic.


Let me tell you this, the author of 2000+ a day, then it is purely perfunctory.The day is 4000+, which is basically completed.It is 6000+ a day, and it is a responsible author.The day is 10000+, which means that the author is already excellent.



Many authors asked me about this question, how can I have no obstacles to code words? Why is my code word particularly slow?


Here I tell you that there are some tips.Before you code each chapter, it is best to think about what this chapter is to write. There must be a general route in your heart.


Of course, this is not enough. This depends on your outline. I said earlier that the outline is important. As for why it is so important, everyone can feel it here.In the outline, one topic has been listed one after another, and you can write this.


Each topic can extend many chapters.In writing, there will be many small inspirations in your minds. In this case, you can arrange these small inspiration at any time, and minimize the impact on the writing route.













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