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[Boutique] 3 Articles of Excellent High School Composition


In the usual study, work, and life, everyone inevitably exposes Composition . Through composition, we can gather our scattered thoughts and gather them together.There are many precautions for composition. Are you sure you will write?The following is 3 excellent high school compositions carefully organized by Xiaobian. Welcome to read and collect.

优秀高中作文 篇1

  那天逛书店,看到墙上的标语,很是深刻:“人生难逃低屋檐,乱世繁兀惹人烦。宽容大度求生存,能屈能伸最坦然。 ”

When I visited the bookstore that day, I saw the slogans on the wall, which was very profound: "It is difficult to escape the low eaves in life, and the troubled times are annoying. Tolerance to survive, it can be flexible and stretching the most calm."


In my opinion, each of us has a sky on its own.However, the sky is unpredictable, and the sky above the head is not always a clear sky. You will always encounter when you need to avoid the rain under the "eaves", and this "eaves" often cannot let you stand below.At that time, you must learn to bow your head.

  美国著名的政治家富兰克林,有一次去拜访一位德高望重的老人。那时的富兰克林年轻气盛,一直都昂首挺胸,然而在进门时,头一下子撞到门框上。这时老者看了看富兰克林,缓缓说道:“很疼是不是?但这次的疼可以让你铭记一个道理,一个人想要立足于世间,想要过得平安顺利,在你强到可以创造自己的‘天空’之前,就得常常低头,善于放下自己的身段,才能避免他人的嫉妒。与人平和长处,学会了低头,那可真是受用无穷啊! ”

Franklin, a well -known American politician, once visited an old man with high ethics.At that time, Franklin was young and vigorous, and he had always headed his head, but when he entered the door, his head hit the door frame.At this time, the old man looked at Franklin and said slowly: "Is it painful, right? But this pain can make you remember a truth. A person wants to be based on the world, want to live peacefully, and you can live well.Before creating your own "Sky", you have to bow your head often and be good at letting go of your own body to avoid the jealousy of others. He is peaceful with others and learns to bow your head, which is really useful! "


Learning to bow your head is the admission when playing chess; learning to bow your head, just like a pine tree, when the snow is full of branches, slowly bent, so that the snow is slippery and then restore the original wisdom; learning to bow your head is like Han Xin,The elder husband can be flexed and stretched out, and has the courage to withstand the humiliation.

  但是,有时候低头并不那么容易。雷默曾经说过:“低头,是需要智慧和勇气的。 ”科学家曾做过一个实验,让一只昆虫从窗户飞进屋子,它只是不停地往房顶上撞,哪怕是在窗户附近,它也不肯往下飞低一点好飞进屋子里,最终导致它累死在屋子里。明知道鸡蛋碰不过石头,却还要硬碰,虽然精神可嘉,但最终也不会落得一个好下场。低头,是一种睿智,是战略性的放弃,是智慧的体现。

However, sometimes it is not so easy to bow.Leimo once said: "Be bowing, which requires wisdom and courage." Scientists have done an experiment to let an insect fly into the house from the window.It also refused to fly down and flew into the house a little, which eventually caused it to be exhausted in the room.Knowing that the eggs couldn't touch the stones, but they still had to touch it. Although they were mentally good, they would not end up in the end.Looking down is a kind of wisdom, a strategic abandonment, and a manifestation of wisdom.


Rou Nenggang, if you want to enter the door, you must bow your head first.If you want to stand on the top of the mountain, you have to bow your head and bend over to climb.Only when you learn to put down your body can the other party listen to you. Only by learning to lower your posture can you be harmonious.Otherwise, the consequences of my independence of toes are only in the consequences of my independence, in addition to failure, but also failed. In this way, shouldn't life hurt?

优秀高中作文 篇2


I like dusk."The sunset is infinite, but it's just dusk." The insights of the ancients have become a past.Although it is only a moment in the long river of history, it leaps in this episode and leaves people eternal lingering.Suddenly, the skyscraper flashed with spots, showing people's flashing points; lively seagulls seeking dreams on the romantic sea on the strong bank, painting the glorious sunset;In the road of life, a pair of reflection and longing for gifted scrolls.who is it?Who gave the earth so beautiful?I like her -dusk.


I like rain.Wang Guozhen has praised the rain: "Rain has a magic: it can be permeated into a kind of mood, infiltration into an atmosphere, and engraved into a memory." Yes, when the dust of the waves died with the rain, people are soft and soft.Walk in the rain, taste romantic colors, lonely tone.Yu Yun's long style breaks the calmness of life, changing yesterday's desolation and confusion, and is guiding us to the road of challenging fate.The young heart is jumping, wandering, memories, fantasy, wandering, waiting.


I like the sea.As the giant waves leaping towards me, the sorrow in my heart was cleaned, and a rare smile was exposed on my face.The sea is very lively.When my life is full of loneliness, it gives me sunshine and rain; when my dream is broken, it gives me warmth and comfort; when I stand on the life line and linger, it gives me endless courage.what!My friend.


I like--


I like life.It was her mother who gave us everything.


I like my heart.He inspired me in all things, so that the bare and ordinary in life was valuable.The youth round dance music is still running. It is rain, the sunrise, the young dream of the sun, the sunrise.


Life is actually not wonderful, the wonderful thing is your heart.With the flying, a gust of gust can wake up for a season: with the beating of the heart, a teeth can inspire a beacon;


With the rebellion of the heart, there is a little hopes to burn a blue sky; with the color of the heart, one leaf and one branch can create a world.Only by allowing life to advance in a beautiful complex will it be chic tomorrow.Taste your heart and feel life, and you will discover the beauty of the world.Let the pale photos become colorful, make the sorrowful shackles become the leaves of yesterday, and let the carefulness of tomorrow's brilliant career.


Lang in life!

优秀高中作文 篇3


Before the silence, Master Hongyi repeatedly told his disciples to put his remains on each of the four corners and put a bowl of water each under the horn, so as to prevent the ants and bugs from climbing up the body and burned to death when it was cremated.Several times I read the biography of Master Hongyi and read this detail, always deeply moved by Master Hong Yi's deep compassion and awe of life.


French thinker Shi Huaizawa wrote in the book "Awesome Life": When he volunteered to do medicine in Africa, one day at dusk, he saw a few hippo swim in the river in the river.And sacred.As a result, the thought of "fear of life" suddenly came into his heart and became a career he worked hard to advocate and unremitting pursuit since then.


In fact, only when we have the hearts of life. Will the world present its infinite vitality in front of us, and we will always feel the nobleness and beauty of life everywhere.The little ants moving on the ground, the birds sang on the spring branches, antelope running at the foot of the snowy mountains of the plateau, whales of whales in the sea, etc., all of which have enriched the heritage of the world of life.We will also always get the lives and joy of life of "kite flying fish jumping, all the way to the Tao" in the experience.


But since the day when human civilization was born, human beings have never seen other lives with equal eyes.But these lives really existed beside us."Everything is equal", yes, people often say so, but what do humans do with all things that have the same life as them?


We picked up the ax, bow and arrows began to attack nature.In the end, we built a house in the forest and grilled the game on the bonfire.Except for human beings, other creatures are regarded as low -level lives.It is also the son of nature, and we have come to today's hard struggle.


What would we think if the precious species on the planet were destroyed by humans on the planet was destroyed by humans?


Therefore, whenever I read those stories about life, my heart always feels that life cannot be afforded. For example, in the Sahara desert, the mother camel drank in the pond in order to make the upcoming little camel drink enoughThe water jumped into the water pond; the old antelopes jumped to the cliff in order to escape the little antelope, so they could make the little antelope jump on the side of the hill on the opposite side when they were about to fall;When you were fried in the oil pan, the middle of the body was always arched to protect the fish eggs in the belly; a female wolf looked at the little wolf died in the hunter's trap and screamed in the cold moonlit night ... Actually, in fact,It is not only human beings that have the sacred glory of life.


Sometimes, we are in awe of life to love humanity. Feng Zikai once advised children not to step on the ants with their feet, do not want to use fire or water to help the ants.He believed that he did not only because of his pity, but also for a little bit cruel to the children.


Indeed, all the lives on the earth are not only because human beings have compassion, but also because their destiny is human destiny: when they are killed, humans are like the last Domino card, and then fall down.It is myself.


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