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Pastening Federation_ Elementary School Composition 400 words_ Elementary School Composition


In studying, work or life, everyone is indispensable to contact composition . Composition is a kind of speech activity, which has a high degree of comprehensiveness and creativity.Or is it unprepared to composition?The following are the posts and sorted stickers couplets _ primary composition 400 words _ primary school composition, for reference only, let's take a look together.


Pastening Federation_ Elementary School Composition 400 words_ Elementary School Composition1


The Spring Festival is a traditional festival in my country. Pastening couplets are one of the most important activities in the Spring Festival. The couplets hanging during the Spring Festival are called Spring Festival couplets, which represents the popularity of life, reunion, happiness and harmony.


In the early morning of the New Year, my parents and I returned to my hometown-I step.After returning home and putting things, I saw that the couplet posted at the door was already very old, and it had faded, and it broke a little on the side.Dad and I first torn off the old couplet slowly to clean the walls.Then take out the new couplet, put it on the table flat, and then the mother took out the brush, dipped some glue, and evenly applied to the back of the couplet.In the end, Dad took out the ladder and put it at the door. Dad climbed it carefully. I held the ladder below. The mother took out the couplet with glue from the hall to Dad.How could he be a bit crooked in the aimed position? After looking for it for a long time, it turned out that the upper end was not neat, which caused the entire couplet to be crooked.After my father re -aligned the couplet from the upper end, I flatt the couplet from top to bottom. Such a couplet was complete and vertical.Essence


There are so many things that look such a simple thing, there are so many knowledge in it! Looking at the new couplets on both sides of the door, it is full of New Year's festivals. I have already thrown out the clouds.


Pastening Federation_ Elementary School Composition 400 words_ Elementary School Composition2


One day is the New Year. According to the customs of our hometown, the couplet will be pasted on the 29th day of the year.


On this day, the weather was particularly cold, and I got up early in the morning because my mother told me that today is 29th and the couplet will be pasted in the morning. My mother was busy when I got up, so I asked my mother what can help? Mom said, "Do you help me stick to these spring?" I asked, "Spring? What is Spring?" "Well, swarm is a small post in the middle of the door." "Oh It turns out that these small stickers are called Bangchun. "I picked up a few photos of the spring:" New Year's Eve is happy, spring and blessing, entering and leaving peace, good luck, good health, etc., these words are really much! " After the small couplet should be, the mother first takes a piece of paper with four large characters to prepare for double -sided glue. "Mom, what is this called?" Mom said: "This is a couplet banner, Write in and out of peace. " The next one is a long one. My mother didn't wait for me to ask, "This is the couplet of the couplet. Home. The couplet is divided into banners, upper couplets, and lower couplets.


This year's Spring Festival has been seen again, but there are many couplets in China. I still need to know more.


Pastening Federation_ Elementary School Composition 400 words_ Elementary School Composition3


Whenever the New Year, people have to tear off the old couplets of previous years, and then stick to new couplets.This is the custom to be passed down.


Couplets, commonly known as door pairs.Every year, every household has a red spring couplet on the door, adding a festive atmosphere.The couplet also exorcist ghosts to avoid evil.


This day is the thirty year. The post should be couplet. I got up early. I had dinner and saw that my father was couplet. It turned out that the couplet was enough. Dad said enough. My brother and I followed my dad to post couplet. "The door welcomes the wealthy heavenly, and the family is peaceful and peaceful." Who wrote such a good couplet! If I can write a good couplet like it. The other is the phrase "the door welcomes the wealth, the wealth and the blessing, and the family is prosperous and prosperous." The sentence is very similar to the previous sentence. The couplet of the blessing character is to be posted backwards. I do n’t understand, and ask my dad: "Why do the couplet of blessing the word be posted back?" Dad said, "Blessing the post is blessing." I Nodded. Dad told me a joke again: "Someone watched the blessing of this inverted post, which means blessing. He played a little clever, and thought that if I wrote a money back, wasn't that the money arrived? He did this. At a glance, his dad looked at him and said, "You poured the money like this." After listening to this joke, it was actually that he did not understand the same understanding. His father understood that he had poured the money. His understanding is that money has arrived. We are happy with the couplet.


This day is really too happy. Let us be auspicious in the year of the horse and happy year!


Pastening Federation_ Elementary School Composition 400 words_ Elementary School Composition4


The new year is coming soon. A few days ago, I hurriedly wrote my homework and prepared to return to my hometown in the past two days -Qingfeng.My father and mother went to the New Year's Eve to go to the grandmother's house. Everyone's mood was particularly happy.


On the road, the car is difficult to walk around, and the streets are crowded.Our family decided to go home and saw a stall on both sides of the road.There are couplets, what "peace is blessed everywhere, jade rabbit is in a vast sky", what "Ruyi wealth is strong, wealthy auspicious year is here", and "Spring all year round, thousands of red embroidery rivers" ...These couplets.Some characters are flashing around, while others are golden characters and golden light; there are many "blessings" characters, some are art characters, some are black bodies, and the "blessings" should be posted backwards."Blessing home"; there is also the cute "rabbit" of this year's mascot. There are a lot of words for the jade rabbits to send spring to congratulate the New Year, such as: the year of the rabbit, everything, everything, etc.


At the door of the house, grandma and grandpa were picking us, and I rushed to hug everyone at once.The neighbors were busy, their families were happy, hanging red lanterns, and red couplets.My family is no exception. I am a part of my family, and of course I have to help.I couldn't help holding the couplet in my arms and shouted in my mouth: Post the couplet!Paste the couple!Sticking the back of the couplet with paste, because it was too low to stick it, I moved to the stool high before sticking it.Then cut various colored paper into one -piece rectangular shape, and put a little paste on the top of the door on the top and eaves on the top of the door.Suddenly, the home is colorful and colorful.


The new. The year is coming. I wish the children a happy Chinese New Year, I wish students to learn progress, wish everyone a smooth work, and wish the people of the whole country a happy New Year.


Pastening Federation_ Elementary School Composition 400 words_ Elementary School Composition5


Today is the 28th of the lunar month, and every family has started to post the Spring Festival couplet.The uncle's home next door was posted "A smooth sailing and peaceful day, and everything is good." There is also a glittering "blessing" in the middle of the house.


After a while, my family also started to post the Spring Festival couplet.I opened the couplet, put it on the table, and applied glue to my mother's hands. My mother stood on the stool and carefully posted the Spring Festival couplet to the door.I ran far away and helped look at the position of the post."Left, go right." "Right, go left." "High, go down."On the right, the position happened to be in the middle, and I called "Okay! You can post it!" When the mother posted it, I read loudly: "Fortune enters the house and everything is happy.


After about ten minutes of posting, we finally pasted the couplet at all the doorsteps at home.I asked my mother puzzledly: "Mom, why do you have to stick to the Spring Festival couplet for the New Year?" Mom told me: "Because there is a legend a long time ago, there is a monster.The name of this monster is "Xi Xi". It is most afraid of seeing red, so people put red paper on the door. When "Xi Xi" saw the red paper, they escaped. Later, people developed their habits, and people developed their habits.Every year, the Spring Festival couplet is posted at the Spring Festival. "


After listening to my mother's words, I finally understood why I had to post the Spring Festival couplet for the New Year.


Pastening Federation_ Elementary School Composition 400 words_ Elementary School Composition6


Today is the 30th year. My mother called me up early, saying that she would post a couplet together.At the beginning of the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival is coming. According to the traditional customs of our country, many people have couplet on New Year's Eve.Federation is the tradition of the Chinese and Han people.


After I washed the washing, I started to post the couplet. My mother and I put the couplet on the ground. I said that this is the couplet. Mom said that that is the upper hand. Our opinions are different.Find the answer.


The couplet in ancient times, because it was written from right to left, so I was on the right side of the door.Now, because the writing habits are from left to right, there are also the upper part on the left side of the door.


Where should I stick it?It depends on the writing of horizontal batch. If the horizontal approval is written from right to left, the Shanglian should be affixed to the right, and the upper part is affixed to the left.In addition, in addition to the requirements of the couplet, the tone of the upper and lower words should generally be up and down, that is, the tone of the upper part of the end should fall to the sound and removing sound.(Yinping, Yangping).


I know the answer with my mother after the answer is so beautiful!


It is not a big deal to stick the couplet. The picture is auspicious. Even if the post is wrong, no one will prompt.However, since it is the culture of the nation, we cannot be grand or outrageous.


Next year's Spring Festival couplet will be covered on me.Finally, I wish you all a good study, the year of the horse!


Pastening Federation_ Elementary School Composition 400 words_ Elementary School Composition7


Today is the 30th year. Naturally, every family is indispensable for a very important annual activities -stickers.


Early in the morning, we rushed to the grandma's house to help grandma putting the couplet on the door of the yard.Because there are many couplets and a large number of engineering volume.So we have to divide the division of labor: Mom is responsible for brushing paste, Dad is responsible for sticking to the couplet, and I are responsible for holding a broom bone, responsible for brushing the couplet to make the couplet stronger, while grandparents and grandma are responsible for the grandparents and grandma responsibleLogistics work, after the division of labor is over, we will start work!


First, apply a layer of uniform paste in the place where the couplet is going to be couplet, and then the father puts the prepared pair of couplet. Finally, I use this strange "small broom" to brush it on the couplet. Swipe it again, until the couplet is firm and firmly sticking to the wall. With our skilled operation, several couplets and large "blessings" will soon be pasted. But the most difficult thing I didn't expect was the backdame and the door god at the gate of the courtyard. As soon as the door god is about to post, the trouble is here. Which one is on the right? "Should this be on the left?" Mom hesitated, "It's okay, post it," Dad posted it, and after posting. Dad looked back at the house, and then marveled, "Haha, it's reversed !!!" Hey, just now it is a busy game! The door god pasted and started to stick couplets. The big couplet at the door is more than 2 meters long, almost half a meter wide. I ca n’t get it. As soon as the upper half of it was passed, the lower half was ranged by the wind blowing by the wind, as if the child was crying in the wind, mom and dad It was not easy to put the "big guy" of the "big guy" in the nine cows and two tigers!


After using it for two hours, we posted all the couplets, so tired!But through this post -to -the -on -the -way event, I not only increased my knowledge, but also allowed me to experience the fun of Chinese years!


Pastening Federation_ Elementary School Composition 400 words_ Elementary School Composition8


Today is the 30th year, and every family must stick couplets. Of course, our family is no exception.

  妈妈把对联准备好,吃过午饭,妈妈左手使着浆和刷子,右手拿着对联,和我一起到门口,妈让我把以前的旧对联撕干净,以前妈妈也是用浆贴的,所以,特别不好撕,我拿着米尺费了九九牛二虎 之力才把旧对联一点点刮下来。妈妈把新对联放在地上,把浆刷在对联的背面,不一会,就刷好了,妈妈说要从右往左贴,我问妈妈:“为什么要从右往左贴?”妈妈说:“因为古时候人们的书都是从 左往右看的。”这贴对联是古时候留下的年裕,所以,要先贴右边,再贴左边。然后妈站在椅子上贴,让我看贴子正了没有,两边上的好不容易贴好了,妈妈说要贴横批,这个最不好贴了,一会儿高, 一会儿低,好不容易贴上了,只见上面写着“青云直上马扬蹄,紫气东来春得意。”横批:“物华天宝”。贴上的对联有的不平展,妈妈说:“别人都用笤帚扫一下就平展多了,”妈妈又让我把在墙上 撕下来的旧对联扫走,这时往后一看,家家户户都贴上了新对联,真美呀!

Mom prepares the couplet. After lunch, the mother uses her left hand to use the pulp and brush, hold the couplet in her right hand, and go to the door with me. Mom asked me to tear me up the old couplet. It is particularly difficult to tear. I took the power of the rice ruler and took the power of nine nine cows and two tigers to scrape the old couplet a little bit. The mother put the new couplet on the ground, brushed the pulp on the back of the couplet, and after a while, the mother said that she wanted to post from right to the left. : "Because people's books were read from left to right in ancient times." This couplet was the year left in ancient times, so you must first stick to the right and then on the left. Then my mother stood on the chair and asked me to see if the post was right. The ones on both sides were easy to stick. The mother said that it was difficult to stick it. This is the least easy to post. I saw "Qingyun went straight to Ma Yang's hoof, and the purple gas was proud of the spring." There are uneven exhibitions on the couplet, and my mother said, "Everyone else uses a broom to scan it more," my mother asked me to sweep the old couplet that was torn off on the wall. It's all new couplet, it's so beautiful!


The new year has begun, and I hope that I will work hard as the couplet said, and I will definitely work hard.


Pastening Federation_ Elementary School Composition 400 words_ Elementary School Composition9


Happy and happy, the streets and alleys are all overwhelmed, and red lanterns are hung; everyone put on new clothes; even the door of every household has wearing "new clothes" -couplet.


The door of my family is not outside.In the early morning of this morning, my mother and I came to the front door. The couplet was: sheep get 100 million, BMW takes flying to the blessing, and the spirit sheep dances in the spring.


I looked at this couplet and felt very puzzled, and asked my mother: "This couplet can give me hard to live. There are three. I know that this short one must be attached to the top of the door.Which post is on the left and which post right? "


Mom looked at me and said with a smile, "You asked right, this post is couplet, but there is a pursuit; you see this couplet, this horses, this sheep; in the zodiac signs, the horse passed, it is the one, the one is theSheep; so there are horses, and there are goats on the lower side; the right side is posted on the right; the left side is the lower side; now you understand it! "One lesson "I said happily.


Next, we started to stick the couplet; I took a tape and scissors, my mother held the couplet, her foot was on the stool, and my hand was pressed against the couplet.In this way, under our cooperation, after a while, the couplet pasted.


We looked at the couplet, and my heart was happy.I thought: I am more profitable!


Pastening Federation_ Elementary School Composition 400 words_ Elementary School Composition10


New Year!New Year!Every household has begun to connect.


According to the traditional Chinese customs, it is generally in the lunar calendar;


But it is twenty -nine today.In the morning, I got up to bed, dinner, and went to buy couplets with my mother, bought the word "blessing", and bought a tiger flower.


After returning home, we started to stick couplets, and I was very happy.


Let's tear down the old couplet first, then wipe the door clean, shining, and replaced with a new couplet."The sky is good."


We posted the couplet and posted the word "blessing" on the door.We put the word "Fu" under the horizontal approval, the center of the gate.The word "blessing" is hollowed out. Mom also specifically uses a hole to pass through the cat's eyes to facilitate viewing from the inside.After the post, standing in the distance, the golden light was shining, and the little tiger on the word "blessing" was lifelike and beautiful.


The mother put on the door and window glass in the room again with the red "blessing" and paper -cutting, and the room became more beautiful.


In the end, the mother put a big red foot blanket I bought a few days ago to the door, replacing the old one.Mom said, this is called "Victory Old and Welcome to the New".


After such "dressing", our family was new and hot.


Pastening Federation_ Elementary School Composition 400 words_ Elementary School Composition11


The Spring Festival is here, and every family is filled with joyful laughter. Today is New Year's Eve. After eating Chinese meals, my dad and I started to connect.


First of all, we took the old couplet and showed the old and the new. Dad and I grabbed the couplet and torn down the "wow" old couplet fell down.Torn it off, then wipe the door frame with a wet rag.


Then there is a pair of couplets.First separate the banner and left and right.Dad took out the left couplet, flattened on the table, and evenly painted the paste on the surroundings of the couplet.Then, he carefully pressed the door frame and tightened it on the door frame.After a while, Huan Ran hung on both sides of the door frame. I shook my head and read it. Ping peace was high.


Of course, the word "amplitude" is indispensable.I was trying to put the "blessing" ending in the middle of the door, but my father shook his head and said, "No way, this is not possible, the Chinese like to put" blessing "upside down."Mind, Dad gently scraped my nose and said, "Don't understand, bless" blessing "and bless the blessing." I laughed, it turned out that the ancients were so interesting!Individual king.


The Spring Festival couplet is a traditional custom of my country. It means that in the new year to resign from the old and welcoming the new, the life is getting better and better. I watch the couplet have an unspeakable joy, which adds a joy to everyone. I must be next year. I must be next year. I must be next year. study hard, improve every day.


Pastening Federation_ Elementary School Composition 400 words_ Elementary School Composition12


The year of the rat is coming, the year of the mouse, changing new clothes, and wearing new jackets. This is not me to put on new clothes. The door of our house should be put on a new clothes.


Early in the morning, I got up early in the excitement, because I had to post the couplet I wrote, and I pinched the couplet I wrote and moved a large chair outside the door. I stood on the big chair. Try the upper, lower, left and right of the door with a wet towel, and at the height of the door frame. I will connect the couplet from the couplet from my mother to the "old age and add a few hi" and the short -cut transparent tape. Stick up the upper end of the couplet, and then fix it on the top left of the door frame. Pour the transparent tape at the highest level of the door frame. Also fixed. The same is the same. First, the transparent tape has a width of 3 cm in the upper section of the couplet, and then align with the door frame. After the tape is paved with the upper left, the tape is flattened, and the transparent tape is fixed on the door frame at the bottom of the couplet. It was a little difficult to stick when it was affected, because my man was not tall, and I needed to tiptoe at the height of the door. Fix the left and right of the transparent tape in advance and fix it on the frame of the door. After posting the couplet, I put the big red "blessing" in the center of the entrance door, and watched the fresh and bright red dress that I gave the household door.


In the new year, the uncle aunts and households in our corridor and every household have changed their new red outfits for their entry doors, and the entire corridor is full of festivals.


Pastening Federation_ Elementary School Composition 400 words_ Elementary School Composition13


The Spring Festival is coming. Dad said to me, "We Chinese have the customs of writing couplets and sticking couplets in the New Year." So, I want my father to teach me to write couplets.In the afternoon, my father and I went to buy red paper to write couplets.We went to the stationery store and supermarket and did not see it. Later, I bought it in an old store.Back at home, my dad and I started writing couplets.


First of all, Dad folded a large piece of paper twice into two pairs of couplet paper, and then folded according to the number of words, just like drawing the grid of our writing on the paper.I brought the ink in the puppet, and first added some water to the platform. Take the ink from the box written by "Chinese Hui Mo" and dip the water and lightly draw the circle on the platform.It's amazing, after a while, I saw the water on the platform turned black. I said, "It's okay!" Dad took the brush that was soaked overnight in advance to dip some ink and tried it.I continued to grind and told me to grind for a while.


After grinding the ink, I started writing.I held paper in front of me, and every time my dad wrote a word, I pulled it gently.Before dinner, I wrote the match with my dad and posted it on the door. I saw it and was surprised. What did you guess?"Zhi Ding the world is flat, and the distant picture is eight squares."Dad asked me to read the first and last words of each sentence, "Zhiyuan Ping An".It turned out that he wrote it specifically for me, and I was very happy.As soon as my mother entered the house, I couldn't wait to let her see it, telling her that it was written with my dad.


Pastening Federation_ Elementary School Composition 400 words_ Elementary School Composition14


The Spring Festival is coming!The Spring Festival is coming!As soon as I got up, I was watching TV, and my dad called me: "Post to the couple, come and help!" I listened, and hurried to help Dad.


I am responsible for tearing the torn cloth, and my father is responsible for sticking the couplet on the door.Dad pressed a small couplet on the door and asked me, "Are you right? Is it right?" I was a commander behind, crooked my head, and looked at it carefully.Slightly! "Dad adjusted the couplet again, and then asked," Is it okay now? "" Hmm! Okay! "I torn off a little tape and handed it to my dad.The middle was posted, and then the couplet flattened with my hand. After a while, I passed it.Looking at the posting Spring Festival couplet, my heart was full of sense of accomplishment.


I heard that the Spring Festival was to catch the New Year's beast.In the past, there was a beast called "year". Every year on New Year's Eve, the year beasts run out to hurt the people.Until the day before New Year's Eve, a grandfather came with a bowl of rice, and he vowed to drive away the New Year's beast.On New Year's Eve, the year of the year came, the old man's clothes were red, and the year beast scared away when he saw red. It turned out that the year was most afraid of red.Therefore, on the day of the Spring Festival, people will use couplets to set off firecrackers to scare the New Year's beast.


I like the Spring Festival!You can also receive a lot of red envelopes.


Pastening Federation_ Elementary School Composition 400 words_ Elementary School Composition15


Many things that happened in childhood had forgotten, but I still remember a interesting thing. So far, adults have also brought me to tease me!


It was the 28th lunar month when I was six years old.There is a saying here 28, and we have flowers.It means that the New Year should be pasted with New Year's paintings and couplets.


Early in the morning, my father wrote the Spring Festival couplet, letting his mother fight the paste, and prepared to post.As soon as I heard the Spring Festival couplet, it was really the soles of the soles, and my feet (panic).I took the Spring Festival couplet and went to post cleverly.Dad said: How do you post it?I said: You tell me where every post is posted, I learn to post it.There are mothers on the door frame and on the door panel. I have me to post in the lower parts of the stove, cow tank, pigpen, toilet, etc.


Where this one is posted and where the pair is posted, my father taught me.I took the couplet and went to post it.After posting, I held my dad to let him see it.At first glance, he was shocked, and he said with a lot of anger and funny: After the New Year, let the family have a cheerful, peaceful, happy and peaceful year, you pour well, treat our family as a animal!What animal?I asked puzzled.You stuck the slot head on the pot platform, and the careful light fire was pasted on the cow groove. What are we not animals?


This ridiculous and interesting thing makes me understand a truth, and I don't know how to make a joke.


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