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Eight articles


In daily study, work, and life, everyone will have more or less contact with Composition . With the help of composition, you can vent your emotions and regulate your mood.How can I avoid stepping on the mine?Below is 8 compositions compiled by Xiaobian, for your reference to reference, I hope to help friends in need.

对联作文 篇1


Everyone knows that couplets are one of the forms of traditional cultural expression of our country.


The couplets are: Spring Festival, Hi Lian, Shoulian, Lianlian, etc.Classmates, how much do you know about couplet knowledge? Let me tell you!


Let's talk about the origin of the couplet first.In the past, there was a ghost world, with mountains in the middle, a large peach tree on the mountain, and a golden chicken on the peach tree.Whenever the golden chicken is long in the morning, the ghost who goes out at night must rush back to the ghost.In order to avoid evil, people made a peach rune. Later, they wrote it on the doors and windows on the doors and windows in the New Year. This is one of the earliest forms of my country's couplet.


Then talk about the characteristics of the couplet.One: The number of couplets is equal, generally the shortest four words, and it can reach hundreds of words.Two: The same word of the couplet is generally called "virtual and reality" is a noun pair of nouns, verbs pairing verbs, quantitative words to quantitative words, adverb to adverbs.Three: The structure of the couplet corresponds.Fourth: The flattening of the couplet is opposite, especially the tail characters of the upper and lower couplets.


Finally, the type of couplet.There are four types of couplets, which are: first, the form: pair, pair, right, opposite, opposition, work pair, wide pairs, flowing water pairs, return text pairs, thimble -for -pairs, etc.Second, rhetoric methods: metaphor, exaggeration, anti -dual levels, questioning, homophonic.Third, use word skills: quotation compound words, stacking characters, side, analysis, numbers, etc.Fourth, logical structure: side by side, turning, selection, cause and effect.


Below, let me tell you an interesting little story about couplet!


In the past, there was a big rich man who was very stingy.One day, his son was also admitted to the imperial examination, so their big banquets celebrated, and the wealthy owner at home said, "Father Jinshi, Son Jinshi, father and son are all scholars." His son said outside, "Father is an official,The son is an official, and the father and the son are both officials. "The people were angry when they heard it, and a talented son smiled.In the afternoon, the wealthy man put their couplet on the door.In the evening, they all slept, and the talent slipped in front of their house and changed a few strokes with a brush.The next day, people laughed at the door of the big fortune. After a while, the rich came out and glanced at the couplet on the door, saying: "Father enters the soil, the son enters the soil, the father and son enter the soil" "FatherWhen the coffin, the son as the coffin, the father and the son were the coffin, "and suddenly fainted.Classmates, do you say this little story about couplet is interesting? It can be seen that couplets are one of the cultures that our people like to see.


Ah! Couplet, you can not only express your festiveness, but also bring us fun.I hope we can carry forward this traditional culture!

对联作文 篇2


"Clouds to rain, snow to the wind, late shirts to clear sky; come to Hong Kong to go to Yan, the birds to the bumper ..." This is part of the flat voice in "The Enlightenment of Sound of Sound".This book is a good way for feudal Mongolia to learn for couplet learning.


What is couplet?In short, "connect to it."Yes, it is relative; couplet is associated.The couplet is more free to poetry , and the creative space is more free, but its difficulty is no less than poetry.Because it has stricter requirements for Pingzhe's rhythm.It is not easy to be completely proficient in "Ping Pailai, Ping Ping Ping".


In recent months, I have also studied couplets "concentrated".But after all, due to the influence of time and space, I just realized some fur.It is by no means humility, and this is indeed the case.So far, there are only four unions that can really satisfy me -there are two of them who have two pieces of pieces of patchwork.To be honest, everyone meets the couplet, and there is a shadow of couplet in primary school in elementary school.But it is not easy to really connect it into a sentence into a sentence.And like Mr. Lu Xun's "cold eyebrows to Qianfu, bowing to be sweet as a bull", it is even more difficult to add to it, not to mention it is like "Qinse pipa, the eight kings of the eight kings;"It's such a encounter.


Therefore, to be precise, couplets are "easy to meet, difficult, more difficult", and even my only "suspected masterpiece", "never mediocre and old -fashioned, but to be novel" and do the question of Chinese understanding.The "north country is bold, let go of thousands of miles to run the horse; the southern township is melodious, and the three days around the remaining beams" can only be regarded as the first entry of the teacher's door, unbearable.


It is difficult to say that the couplet is universal.What astronomical geography, political history, ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, popular and elegant, and mythical allusions.Not to mention anything else, in the book "The Enlightenment of Sound of Sound", there are historical pairs such as "Emperor Liang Emperor talks about Tongtai Temple; the Emperor of the Han Emperor's Wine";Yes; "Han Xinwu can be flat all over the world; Zuo Siwen and Foot Fudi Three Capital" and other allusions.In addition, there are Qiao Lian and Miaolian in the couplet.


Couplet is a boutique of Chinese culture, which is unique and unique.Do you think, can you use English to oppose couplets?What is right?Therefore, couplets are the treasures of the Chinese national culture, and we should inherit and spread it.We may not have to be proficient in couplets, but at least it should be two times!

对联作文 篇3


"Stupid son, do you want to come back?" As soon as I went home from school, my dad asked me about couplet, but how could I get it?You know the chances of wanting to get from the "enemy" are almost zero.


As the "Spring Festival" approaches, the commander's father has issued a difficult task to me -asking Yu Guo two couplets, and taking 200 yuan as a reward after the task was successful, "greedy" "I couldn't stand the temptation of money for a while, and immediately took action.

  周一,在学校里。为了让余果有愉快的心情,能痛快的答应我的请求,我几乎是费尽心机。不仅用金钱 “贿赂”,还处处躲着不招惹她。好不容易计划取得了效果,化解了恩仇,可又谈起了对联的价钱。当然,两副对联总价二百块钱的终极价格我是绝对不会告诉她的。“10块钱,我买你两副”、“15块,不卖就算了!”、“30块,爱要不要”“…”虽然我层层加码,可恶的是“仇人”就是不为所动,算了,豁出去了,我一咬牙“一口价,五十!”“好,我周末看看”。哎——终于同意了,我暗暗松了一口气,刚才真是累死我了!

Monday, in school.In order to make Yu Guo have a pleasant mood and promise my request happily, I was almost exhausted.Not only did money "bribery", but also hid everywhere and not provoked her.After finally planning to achieve the effect, resolved the hatred, but also talked about the price of couplets.Of course, I will never tell her the ultimate price of two hundred dollars of two hundred dollars."10 yuan, I buy you two pairs", "15 yuan, not selling it!", "30 yuan, love if you love" "..." Although I put it layer by layer, the "enemy" is not a place.Forget it, forget it, I gritted "a bite, fifty!" "Okay, I look at it on weekends."Hey -I finally agreed, I was relieved, I was so tired of me just now!


In the past few weeks, the residual fruit has not been delivered for a few weeks. This is actually unexpected. It is not so easy to make those two hundred dollars through her.


One weekend before the holiday, I accompanied my dad to a haircut. On the way home, I just met a free Spring Festival couplet at the entrance of the joint purchase supermarket.Dad ran over and asked for two pairs, and said happily: "Haha, there is a couplet, 200 yuan is saved, silly son, you have not come to the couplet now, I am not a violation of the rules."" But see if you have made a certain effort in the process of asking for couplets. I will give you some rewards as compensation. "


Hey, watching the ducks that are about to get off, I really want to cry without tears, and feel like a trick!

对联作文 篇4


The Spring Festival is coming. According to Chinese customs, every family starts to run annual goods, and our family is busy.Because of my brushwork, my mother gave me the task of writing the Spring Festival couplet.


In the past, we used a ready -made Spring Festival couplet. This year I wanted to make up the Spring Festival couplet and show the talents of my family, which added a few New Year's festivals.He is in charge of the family's food and deal with the pots of pots, pimples, chicken, and fish, and of course her themes are inseparable from eating.I saw that she was holding a table of meals, and after thinking about it, she said, "The upper part is‘ you eat the new year cakes ’high years’, the lower couplet is ‘I’ m blessing to eat tofu ’.This is based on the homophonic of food and the Chinese New Year's customs. It is really a good match!We all said yes, and I laughed like a flower.Next is the mother's couplet: "The sound of firecrackers resigning the golden tiger, the gongs and drums welcomes the jade rabbit", and the horizontal approval is "resignation and welcome the new."I commented: "My mother is very neatly tidy. There are both elements and gongs and drums in the Spring Festival, and the replacement of the two zodiac signs of tigers and rabbits.Seeing him clearing his throat and saying, "It is another spring breeze, the flowers are like a sunny sun, and the horizontal approval is' spring is full of". "


Because Dad is usually very busy at work, I always love to take me to play in the wild when I suspend them, relax my mood, and listen to his couplets. We seem to feel the spring of Fang Cao.In the end, I left me. I think my talent was amazing. I was silent for a long time. I thought of the droughts in Shandong and other places in winter this winter. I was particularly looking forward to the Spring Festival.Yin said: "Panrui Xue has descended to the ground, and Wangchun Yu falls into the world."Sure enough, I didn't expect it, and the words had just fallen. The family newspaper with the warmest applause. Everyone hugged me to congratulate me. I was also excited and boasted: "It's so talented."Da Xiu's brush word, the ink was not done, Dad was anxious to put them on the door, which was really flattered.


Unexpectedly, this year's Spring Festival couplet is so creative, the year of the rabbit has not arrived, and I look forward to the coming of the year of the dragon. I think there must be a flavor in the coming year.

对联作文 篇5


The couplet is the essence of ancient Chinese culture. Our class has held a unique couplet knowledge lecture.


First of all, the teacher asked us to say some famous couplets and explain what they meant.Then the teacher told us the origin of the couplet: According to legend, during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Confucius went to a place named Chen Cai. After eating the dry food, he asked his disciples to borrow food to a person named Fan Dan.Fan Dan asked Confucius to say a word that he must use the "how much good or bad".Confucius said: "There are many good people between heaven and earth, few bad people; rejoicing when borrowing, and still annoying." So Fan Dan gave Confucius to Confucius.Later, Fan Dan called Confucius to return its rice, but Confucius was not filled with a barrel of rice.For face -to -face, Confucius had to say to him, "As long as you see people with couplets on the door in the future, you can go to rice." After Confucius returned, he said to the scholar: "In the future, all the scholars will have couplets.If there is a beggar to come to the door, try to give up as much as possible. "Later, the post was passed to today.


In the end, the teacher asked the classmates to come out and compile the couplet to see which classmate compiled well.The classmates compiled many good couplets.There is a collaboration of words: stepping on the three stones of the Bridge, and separating the two mountains separately.I feel that the couplet is really well written. The phrase "stepping on the three stones of Lei Bridge" is divided into three stones. The word "Lei" is composed of three stones.The phrase "separates the two mountains" divides the word "out" into two mountains. Isn't the word "out" just two "mountains"?So wonderful!


There are not only disassembly and combination, but also the artistic association: "light wind and willow, light moon plum blossoms".The couplet entered the artistic conception of poetry.At night, the light wind was blowing, which was refreshing. The branches of the willow trees by the sea gently stroked the embankment. The bright moonlight made the quiet night faint.That Hanmei stands proudly in the wind, and it looks particularly arrogant under the light of the moonlight.What a beautiful mood!


Unknowingly happy time has passed.This time the connection knowledge lecture not only lets me understand the story of the couplet, but also know how to oppose the couplet.I hope that such activities will be held more, so that we will know more about extracurricular knowledge.

对联作文 篇6


In the twenty -seventh year, I took the pen and ink to write couplets to the old people in the countryside.


As soon as I entered the yard, I found that the old people were still worshiping in the church.Dad and mother moved out of the large round table and stools from the auditorium. I quickly spread out the felt and couplet, took out the brush, and poured the ink.In the cold winter, the brilliant sun poured down, warming this small courtyard, and warm me.


I mentioned my pen and quickly wrote the word "Yi" after conceiving the size of the font in my mind.After writing a comparison, ah, this is too short!The word seemed a little bit stingy, and I was dissatisfied, so I tried to change my pen and changed.My mother seemed to see my nervousness, so I comforted me and said, "This first one is practicing the feel, let go to write!" With the encouragement of my mother, my confidence came back again.This time I carefully compared the font, drawing one by one, and carefully wrote the word "horse"."Wow, the word" horse "looks very spiritual, the four points are like flying hoofs." Dad's praise made me more confident, and then I wrote a couplet smoothly.You see, the red bottom, the black and black characters, and the golden pattern, the whole couplet is shining in the sun, it looks particularly dazzling, and it also adds a bit of joy to the clean and elegant yard.


At this time, the worship was over, and the old people came out one after another. They came around to watch. Some praised my words so beautifully, and some directly asked me to consortium.Sub -couplet.A kind elderly man asked: "Little girl, how old are you?" I replied: "The new year is 10 years old!" The old men showed a surprise expression, then gave a thumbs up, and boasted that I would future in the future.It must be a personal talent!Their love and praise make my little heart full of happiness, that is a sweet feeling that is needed!In this way, a red couplet, a serious young man, and a group of lovely old people became the most beautiful scenery in the entire yard.


I will write a well -written dialogue and give it to the elderly.In the setting sun, in the courtyard, they held the couplet, with a pair of smiley eyes, and the bright smiles were better than the chrysanthemums in the autumn. The whole winter was beautiful, and my mood was also beautiful!


Oh, it turns out that happiness is that simple!Next year, I will definitely write couplets to the elderly.

对联作文 篇7


Couplets are one of the traditional Chinese culture. As early as the Qin Dynasty, people had the custom of sticking couplets, but the couplets at that time were called peach runes.The couplet generally implying that life is beautiful, people are prosperous, and the country is rich and strong.


This year's Spring Festival, my parents and I played a poetic game -couplet.


Game rules: Division of the upper and lower couplet, the last word of the upper part ended in the sound, the last word of the lower part ended in the flat sound. The middle format needs to be neat, the language is beautiful, poetic and aesthetic.In the end, the couplet, the winner can stick the couplet they write at home the most eye -catching position.After Dad talked about the rules of the game, the first matchup officially started.


Mom first sent a person, randomly made a Shanglian, "returning to the earth in spring", and his father took out the Liaoning without hesitation, "Yan pecks the new mud".Mom also answered "Green Mountains".Looking at them with a proud smile, I thought: Jiang is still old.I am ready to go out, clarify my thinking, spring is a noun, a verb is, and the earth is also a noun, name, movement, name.Yes, I quickly answered, "Yuezhao Hall".


When I heard my answer, my parents imitated the lines in the costume TV series. They clapped together, "It's really a good sentence, wonderful, wonderful!" In this way, I got the lead in the first round of the game.


Immediately after the next round of the game, my parents and I reorganized the challenge.This time, it was not as simple as before.This time the couplet topic is that "the spring back to the earth is beautiful".This time I have been prepared. In the poem class, I have practiced this couplet.I laughed secretly and saw the two "veterans of the rivers and lakes" in my mind. I thought, "This championship is nothing." After thinking, our family of three gave the corresponding answer.I first showed my answer. "Spring returns to the earth and the earth is full of flowers, and the blessing of blessing the world." Mom's answer is "Spring returns to the earth and the earth is full of flowers, so happy to the world." Dad first showed a satisfactory smile, followed by slowly, then slowly slowly.The answer to his own answer, "Spring returns to the earth and the earth is full of flowers, so he likes to be new on earth." My mother and I were stunned, and they had a thumbs up.Undoubtedly this time, Dad won the championship.


In the end, we entered the ultimate competition. The family of three of our family took out our "killer" and prepared a decision.This time, the SCO is the "Jade Dog's Old Board".The family of our family thoughtfully, repeatedly considered each word, and repeatedly scrutinized in one sentence.The time arrived in the blink of an eye, and our family all showed the question board.Dad is right: "Jade dogs quit the old age, golden pig arch Fumen." Mom is right: "The jade dog resigns the old age, the golden pig welcomes the Chinese New Year." And I am: "The jade dog quit the old age, the golden pigSend blessing. "After showing their respective answers, our family of three looked at each other and laughed.All the games won this time, and we posted our favorite pair on the wall.Looking at our work, we smiled at satisfaction.


After this couplet game, in laughter, I really appreciate to the profound culture of the Chinese nation, experience the fun of learning knowledge, and the infinite charm of Chinese culture.

对联作文 篇8


Before the Spring Festival, there are people on the streets, and the car is horse.My mother asked me to write a couplet and bring it back to my hometown to post.But I just practiced a brush writing semester and worried that I couldn't write well. I still had a little resistance in my heart.


"This couplet is too difficult to write. It is more difficult than playing computer games. It's really troublesome, it's better to buy a pair."


"I see, you just want to play games!"


"Yes, let me play?"


"No, you must finish the couplet of your hometown."


Destined!After all, writing is different from writing couplets.I first exercise the edge of the paper, and it is still necessary to grind the knife.


After an hour, I finally found the pen.The first time I wrote the couplet, a little nervous, a shake, but I felt good at myself. I couldn't wait to show their hands, so I was preparing to write it with big red paper.I still feel a little uneasy in my heart, afraid of not writing well, and many people watch, which can be related to the reputation of the entire family.


The word "good -looking" in "The smooth sailing" is too difficult to write. I don't write well, especially the second stroke of the word "wind".Water-seven up and eight.When you practice well, it seems very simple, how do you write this way?Cup!


When my mother saw me in a hurry, I comforted me not to be nervous.Mom's calligraphy is also good. She pointed out how to write these two words, and I suddenly realized.


When I wrote the word "year", I was full of red envelopes in my head. I fantasized who gave me "Red Bull". I was so happy that I was so happy at once and wrote a big "year" and a small "year".It's my twins, but they are fat and thin.Can't open a small difference!I calmed down, let go of the illusion of the New Year, and finally wrote it.


I jumped up happily, but accidentally knocked down the ink, splashed on the couplet, and abandoned the front!


"Don't write." I was crying angrily.


"Mom, I won't write it, it's too troublesome. There are many couplets outside. I will buy the manuscript fee, okay!"


"No, you do this really abandoned before. It doesn't matter if the couplet is broken, you can write it again, eat a long and one wisdom, and just practice it."


It's easy to say.For the New Year, I can go back to my hometown quickly. There is no way, I can only rewrite it.


After the couplet was written, I stood numb and my hands were tired.However, it was strange that I was so addicted to writing. I wrote the horizontal batch of various rooms, doors and windows, and door lintel, and finally completed a major event.


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