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2021-02-28 11:42



高三英语作文 篇1

  Long long ago, many families had three or four children. They couldn't look after everyone well, so the children must do everything by themselves. They were too poor to go to school. Some of them liked learning, but they had to go to find jobs to make money. Since they were children, they could do lots of difficult things like their parents. Sometimes they even did better than them!

  But now, many families have only one child and they regard their child as a pearl. They did everything for the children. Every day, when the child gets up, their parents help him to make the room clean. They also get breakfast ready for their child. When the child is free, they can sleep or do other things, but they needn't do any housework. So many children can't cook; wash their clothes, some don't even know how to clean the floor. That's too bad.

  In the future, many families will have computers. We can work on the computer instead of going out to do everything. The children also can learn on the computers, so they don't need to move! After a long time, we'll become fatter and fatter. We won't be able to do anything by ourselves!

  So, which way is good for us? We must think more.






高三英语作文 篇2

  I am very disappointed not to be able to go to see a film with my friends, to play my favorite musical instrument, or to watch TV with my family in the evening. I have to sit at desk and do my homework, which can not be finished until midnight, I m tired of doing much homework, get bored at taking so many exams, and lose interest in studying.

  Teachers, please get rid of homework and examinations. Examinations are nothing but anxiety-makers. Homework is nothing but interest-killers.

  Teachers, we can learn more outside the classroom. Classroom gives us limited kinds of information. We can only learn some dead knowledge from the books.Teachers, please set us free, and let us learn more outside the classroom

  from the environment, from TV, from private study or from our friends.

  My dear teachers, can you hear me? Please lighten the burden on students.

高三英语作文 篇3

  Some people in the fierce competition of the rough waves swept away, has never recovered. Some people are against the tuyere, set foot on top, on the shore, they succeeded. Because they have much a stick to it. Forefront for them is not a stumbling block, but padding their own foundation.

  Born easy, live easy, life is not easy. Life is a process of life. No wind, no rain? It is because of the baptism of wind and rain to see the colorful rainbow; With the pain of failure will taste the joy of success. Turgenev in the rudin, said: "although our life short and small, but great everything is caused by the hand of the people; a life, realize the lofty mission, that is their supreme happiness in life." We are to create this society, inevitably some injury, through the tears.

  Time, fast turn, across one dream magic song.

  Life, be about to rush out a way to! In order to cause, in order to struggle in life, despite losing a lot of, but is there will be! And are often more important than lost, it is the value and meaning of life.

  Life is long, the years.

  How can we predict the future? But only clear conscience my heart! Life, because there is competition, people have power; Life, because of the struggle, the people to the pursuit of excellence.

  Smoke in life, like a cloud, the wind. Transient. "Only the people and the backing car, there is no reverse time and road", since we came to today, and possession of today's social status and responsibility, only forward, forward, forward again! Don't retreat. Young people, more important is to see tomorrow, seize today, forge ahead in the quiet, perhaps before the sun mountain tomorrow, you created a miracle again!








高三英语作文 篇4

Dear John,

  I’m sorry to here that you’re suffering from WeChat addiction. I really understand how you feel and I’d like to offer you some useful advice that I think will benefit you.

  First of all, I suggest that you should start some other hobbies,such as reading, listening to music,or playing chess,etc,which will take your mind off WeChat. Secondly, you’d better make more friends through face-to-face communication.They’ll assist you when you can’t resist the temptation of WeChat. Thirdly, it’s better for you to do some sports instead of using WeChat a lot because sports can not only keep you healthy but also enrich your life and help you forget WeChat.

  I hope these ideas can help you get rid of your addiction as soon as possible. Best wishes!

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Hua




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