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Campus or scenery composition 300 words four articles


Regardless of learning, work, or life, everyone is indispensable to contact composition . According to the characteristics of writing propositions, composition can be divided into proposition composition and non -proposition composition.What kind of composition can be called an excellent composition?The following is 300 words of the campus or scenery composition compiled by Xiaobian. Welcome to share it.

校园或景物作文300字 篇1


The small pond is like a small garden in the middle of the No. 4 and No. 1 Building of our campus.Outside of him, a lot of youths were used to form a small square. There were two large willows in the old age. The willow tree looked like two large slingshots. The willow leaves have been opened a lot. It is the chant of the text.The Liu poems are the same: "Jasper makeup becomes a tree high." "Thousands of hanging down green silk." There are two stools and a table under the willow tree. This is where we played a story at that time.


There are many rose flowers next to these things. There are a lot of thorns under the rose flowers. The rose flowers will bloom in summer. Some rose flower branches are so high as people.Then there is a small pond.There are a lot of small goldfish in the water of the small pond. We suddenly see that there is a turtle in the water, and it vomit bubbles.There is also a rockery on the small pond, like a pagoda with three big devil. Later, we looked at it carefully.


I like small ponds on campus!

校园或景物作文300字 篇2


Winter is here, the earth has changed, and the campus has changed!


With a cold wind blowing, the gray sky sprinkled small snow grains, hitting the trees and roofs on the campus ... the rustling sound, like playing a light music.Suddenly, Xiao Xue grains said goodbye. The snow girl came, as light as a bird, fell from the air, holding the earth with a long time.Soon, the campus was put on a silver coat, which looked extraordinarily elegant and beautiful.


You see, the tree on the tree hangs a string of silver necklaces; the grass stems are stringed on the crystal pearls; the flowers also try to show their beauty, revealing the red and green outside outside the outside.... At this time, the gardens and flower beds were simply a crystal palace.Some "naughty ghosts" drilled into the "Crystal Palace", stretched out a few pairs of frozen small hands, took a hanging ice skewers, and shouted loudly: "Buy pops up" "Selling rock sugar gourd" "


The snow stopped, and the Sun Grandpa gradually showed a smiley face. At this time, the campus was wet.There are ice and snow beads on the tree and eaves. This is probably the tears left by the snow girl after the carnival.


On campus, the campus of Chuxue, although you have no birds with flowers, you have brought us joy and happiness.

校园或景物作文300字 篇3


There are many corners of my campus.Among them, my favorite is the ancient apricot tree that can be seen as soon as I enter the door, and those humble little wild flowers.Then come and see!


Whenever I walk into the school gate, I will be attracted, that is my favorite place.Let's take a look at the apricot tree!The apricot blossom is open, and the powder is seductive.I can't help but lean forward, hold a closer look at it, and smell it, making you feel that everything is so beautiful and fresh.The crisp bird's crying makes you look up involuntarily, and see from the gap between the leaves, leak the spots on the spots.The breeze plundered, and his heart was refreshed.The eye -catching small leaves like the cowardly emerald, they seem to be a trembling new life.The flowers on the trees are also so beautiful. A blossoming apricot flower competes. No one allows anyone, like a pink elf, compares each other and show off each other. It is really characteristic and its own beauty!The apricot tree is always shown in the mirror in the sun!


The colorful little wild flowers on the ground are gorgeous and colorful, with red, yellow, purple ... beautiful, faintly exuding a sweet fragrance of sweetness.


I love my campus!

校园或景物作文300字 篇4


There is a beautiful and charming corridor on the beautiful campus, where the students rest, games and learning.


The spring promenade is a promenade who brings spring. The swallow is back, and the river also shakes the ice on his body, singing a song to the distance.There are green vines in the promenade, with beautiful and elegant little purple flowers on it. The pillars are standing there like a sentry whistle. The students are reading the spring breeze in it.


The green vines on the long profile are blocked by the sun like naughty children there. The spotted light is like some water droplets. It turned out that the "children" were splashing water festivals!When the classmates sketched in the long outline, a cool breeze was blowing, so cool!


The fruit inside the autumn was familiar, and a gust of leaves blew the leaves and sang beautiful songs: "The fruit will come down for a while." "Ah! It's not good to" rain ".


It was snowing in winter, and the snowflakes floated down like a blanket on the corridor. The students used the snowman to protect the corridor like the guards.


what!The promenade is so beautiful all year round, I like the school's promenade!


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