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700 words in catching earthworm compositions (3 selected articles)


700 words in catching earthworm compositions (3 selected articles),供大家参考借鉴,希望可以帮助到有需要的朋友。



Another day in the sky, there is no trace of clouds, the blue sky is just matching with our happy mood.Because we can fish at the pond in front of the grandma's house!


However, just as we have been high -color and can no longer suppress the excitement, my father announced a "emergency" incident: "We have no earthworms, we can't fish!"The good mood of fishing faded down.


At this time, I do n’t know who made an idea: “We can dig earthworms!” The news made everyone discuss again.When I heard this sentence, I raised my head happily, and my frowning brows opened again.I do n’t know when, the younger brothers and sisters have come up with a small bucket and a big iron ravioli.


After my father's permission, we ran to the land on the side of the road and started digging.At the beginning, everyone did not know the common sense of digging earthworms. It was dug around holding iron. The flat land was dug one after another, but one earthworm was not found.Although we did not dig the earthworms, we were still dug up with interest, and the hair was soaked by sweat, and the crystal sweats fell down.


Dad saw that we were sweating, but a piece of earthworm did not dig. He came over with distress and told everyone: "Digging earthworms should find a wet place, because earthworms love dark and humid environments.Dig out there ".


We walked in the direction of Dad and came to a humid potholes."Let's dig here," I said.So, we started to do a lot. I picked up the big iron, shoved into the soil, and turned the soil over the ground. The younger brothers and sisters flocked up, looking for the trail of earthworms in the soil as happily.Wow, many earthworms are thick, thin, long, short.


Just a few times like this, the bottom of the barrel was already covered by the earthworm.They twisted their bodies, climbed around in the barrel, and made people look nauseous.


We were happy to show the bucket to my father, and Dad was surprised by surprise: "Wow! So much."Watching us excited one by one, and said, "Don’t you dig more." We rushed to the land that was ransacked by us.


What about fishing?We have been thrown out of the clouds.



Childhood is colorful, just like the beautiful shell by the beach; childhood is carefree, just like the drama dolls that are playing all day; childhood is colorful, like a beautiful picture of colorful paintings; childhood is pure and sweetJust like the clear spring water in the mountains and streams; childhood is colorful, just like the exquisite pearl; childhood is gentle and melodious, like a pure and beautiful fantasy.Childhood is a happy ocean.On the seaside of the memories, there are countless shells, which are dark and evoke a sad past; there is a brilliant thing that reminds people of childhood fun.Whether it is sweet or bitter, it is always beautiful.The interesting things that happened in childhood were like the stars in the sky, and it was not counted. The brightest, most dazzling, and hard -to -forget is the one.At that time, I was only 5 and a half years old.


That day, my brother and I discussed and planned to catch the little earthworm together. He listened to his excitement and jumped three feet high. Soon we came to the field. Ah, wheat seedlings are everywhere in the fields, green oil. Looking from a distance, like a green ocean. Take a deep breath of fresh air, and immediately became refreshed, comfortable and more excited. The bottle and small stick that we were prepared and started catching earthworms. One person held a small stick and pulled away the grass on the ground vigorously. He wanted to let the earthworms hide in nowhere and run out of it. However, we were exhausted, and one of the earthworms did not come out, and the grass was messy. We are discouraged. The aunt of the neighbor saw us dying and asked, "What's wrong with you?" We replied in unison: "We catch earthworms in the field and make the grass messy, but there is no earthworm." I laughed involuntarily. I think it's strange, so I asked, "Auntie, what are you laughing?" She smiled and said, "You are so stupid. Earthworms live in the land and can not be found on the land. Find in the land. "After listening to the aunt's explanation, we immediately realized. According to her method, we quickly caught earthworms.


Now, the old man is here and takes his childhood in a hurry.Childhood fun, pieces are like a colorful shell, these colorful shells hold up my colorful childhood! Thanks for the old man, because he compiled his childhood into a purest and most beautiful book in our hearts.Essence



There are many interesting things in my childhood memories, but what I want to write most is to catch earthworms.That scene is still remembered.


Last summer, I went to my cousin's house, and we were playing happily together every day.One day, we were watching TV in the house, and suddenly there were thunderstorms.When I came to the window, I saw Douda's raindrops accompanied by the windy wind, and kept hitting the house and hit the field.The rain came quickly and went fast.After a while, the rain stopped, Wuyun retreated, and reproduced the blue sky again.


At this moment, the cousin's cheerful scream came from the ear. When I went out, she looked at a small barrel and a shovel in her hand, and was watching me happily!"Hurry up, catch earthworms to go! Catch the earthworms to go! Why are you still?" Before I said, my cousin asked me like a pearl."Catch earthworms, okay!" Although I grew up in the countryside and heard of earthworms, I never caught it. Out of curiosity, I agreed, and we walked towards the field together.


By the end of the mud, we stopped. I couldn't help asking my cousin: "What do you do if you catch the earthworms?" "Do bait!" She replied, "Whenever rain, earthworms will climb out. You see!" Looking at the direction of the cousin's finger, I only knew that she had discovered the prey. The cousin ignored the mud, and stepped on. Align the small shovel at the earthworm, and then shovel it quickly, then put it on a small shovel and put it in a small barrel. I saw an animal like earthworms a little nauseous, and I didn't even dare to touch it. But seeing the cousin's mammare's movement, happy expression, I couldn't help itchy, and wanted to try it, but there was no guts. At this time, my cousin said to me, "Sister, do you catch one?" "I ..." "What, you dare not?" The cousin said, "I know you dare not." Said, "What, I dare not? I looked down on the girl so much, and I was angry with me. I would like to see it. Hum!" So, I took the tool On my beautiful shoes, I started looking for prey like a cousin.


After a while, a rolling earthworm appeared in front of my eyes. Its thick and long body was all mud, and it kept squirming.I feel really disgusting, but in order to fight, I had to go out.


I drumped my courage, held my breath, and held a small shovel to the earthworms.The moment I was about to encounter it, I felt uncomfortable and immediately retracted my hand."Don't be afraid, don't be afraid!" I comforted myself, "Everything is difficult, this is just a earthworm, there is nothing to be afraid." Thinking of this, I let go of my courage again.So, I took a shovel and slowly approached the earthworms, approaching ... Finally, aimed at it gently.what!The earthworm was shoved by me, "It's great!" I cheered.At this time, I looked back at my cousin and found that her expression was unnatural.I joked, "Look, I caught it."


It's really interesting to remember now.For the sake of my cousin, I caught the earthworms I was afraid of being terrible.But that's all, not only to exercise my courage, but also add a lot of fun to my summer life.


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