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A person I admire -mother composition


A person I admire -mother composition,欢迎阅读与收藏。


A person I admire -mother composition1


"Someone in your new schoolbag, someone for you; the three -stuffed dumplings you love to eat, someone gives you a bag ..." When I heard this song, I remembered my mother. My mother was my most admired person.


My mother has a pair of water -like eyes, with a pair of willow -leaf eyebrows on it, and a small nose with a small mouth, which looks very kind; fair skin, short black hair; Mom also likes to wear dark clothes, which looks particularly spiritual.


Because my mother was busy with work, she couldn't accompany me to do my homework, but she still cared about my study.However, she cares about my method different from other parents.


My mother never actively forced me to learn, all of which depend on my own consciousness.She often encourages me and rarely criticizes me, especially when the exam is smashed, and I am particularly uncomfortable. She will comfort me and hope that I will work hard next time.With such comfort, it feels as warm as drinking chicken soup.


Relax, some children's parents will not give their children.But my mother is different, and it will give me a time.For example, on Saturday, take me out to play (under the premise of doing homework), I am really happy with such a life.


The spirit of my mother loves work is also worthy of my learning.Mother's work is very serious. If her job is not done, she will work overtime.Because she often worked overtime, she often couldn't eat with me.Once, she worked overtime to 7 am, and she did not sleep at night, but the next day she went to work again.This year, my mother was rated as a national baldies in the country. I went to Beijing to receive the prize. I heard my mother said to me like this. I am very happy.On the day she returned, I went to the airport to pick her up with flowers, and saw many mothers' colleagues who came to pick her up. I was really proud and proud of my mother.Although my mother rarely accompanies me, I don't blame her at all.


Compared with other classmates, I really think that God will arrange me to this mother, which is my biggest honor in my life. In the next life, I still follow this mother as a daughter. I admire my mother.


A person I admire -mother composition2


My mother is a department manager. She is very busy and often returns early.She has a serious attitude towards work, and cares for colleagues, and has obtained the trust of leaders and the love of colleagues.This is also my most admired place.


I remember that once, my mother had to participate in the unit's speech contest and reviewed the desk of the desk ten days in advance.Use the morning and evening to recite every day, and I often compare it in front of the mirror for a long time. I said, "This speech draft If I can memorize it for a day, why are you so stupid?" Mom said with a smile and told thatI: "You must pay attention to methods to do everything. Sooner or later is the best memory of memory. Practicing expressions and actions when you face the mirror. As long as you use the right method, take it seriously, and work hard, you will get good results!" Finally, the mother passed through the passage of passing throughHis efforts won the first place. In addition to a prize, he also rewarded a book card.My mother gave me the book card and let me read more books and enrich my knowledge.This incident deeply moved me, so that I had a better understanding of my mother!


Another time my mother just took my vacation and took me to the bookstore to read a book. Suddenly received a call. After a while, she said to me, "A aunt is sick, I need to help me. You read a book yourself and go home for a while." As soon as I finished speaking, my mother left. I was very angry, threw off the book, and ran home, thinking: "You are usually busy and have no time to accompany me. If you are not easy to take a day off, you have to work overtime, you can't help but go." 8 o'clock in the evening. " Many, my mother is back. I asked angrily: "Mom, why don't you refuse today?" Mom said to me gently: "Helping others is a happy thing, not only shows that others trust you, but also prove your ability. Besides, everyone is everyone. When there is a need for others to help, only when you reach out when others need the most, others will feel warm, and it will help you when you need it. We should compare our hearts and more people like us, and society will be even more society. Harmony! "After listening to my mother's words, I was ashamed, secretly determined to learn from my mother, help others, and bring warmth to others!


I am proud of having such a mother!


A person I admire -mother composition3


Some people admire Ronaldo on the football field; some people admire Beethoven, a musician who can play countless wonderful music; some people admire Lu Xun, who is knowledgeable; some people admire ... and I admire my tenderness.And the thoughtful mother.


My mother has a medium figure, with a few shallow wrinkles on her forehead, and she often smiles on her face.She is warm and hospitable, so the family is often full of warmth and laughter.


The biggest feature of my mother is to be diligent and frugal, and she is a good wife and mother.Almost every day I was still sleeping, my mother had already got up, and I sorted out the room. I made breakfast for me. I was very busy.When I got up and meals, everything was ready, and I was a little embarrassed.


My mother never takes the initiative to learn from me, all of which depend on my own consciousness.She often encourages me and rarely criticizes me, especially when the exam is smashed, I am particularly uncomfortable. She will comfort me, hoping that I will work hard next time, making me feel very warm.On one occasion, my Chinese test was not good, but the teacher had to spend the attention of parents and signed it. After coming out of the school, I have been thinking about what to do, but I returned home without knowing it.My mother happened to be at home today. Seeing my expression is very different from usual, I asked me, "What's wrong? Is there anything sad?" "Mom, this time the Chinese score is not good, 84 points," I said.My mother took out the paper, saw the wrong place, and summarized a few experience for me.


In my eyes, my mother is always the person I admire.


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