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[Boutique] Elementary School Excellent Composition 800 Words 3 Articles


In the bland daily life, the most unfamiliar thing about composition is the most unfamiliar. The composition is a narrative method of a theme meaning through text considerations and language organizations.I believe that many friends are very distressed by writing. The following is 800 words of outstanding compositions collected by Xiaobian for everyone. I hope to help everyone.

小学优秀作文800字 篇1


My beautiful hometown is a remote and quiet mountain village in the happy Wenxi.


I love the beautiful hometown, I love its mountains, I love its water; I love its morning, noon, evening; at any time, they all love me ... the morning light is shyThe young girl, looming, sunset Xishan, Yu Guangzheng.


Mountain, showing a lot of posture in front of you, living like many different types of art, all of which come to your eyes at once.They look like fish, like dragons, birds, like elephants; like people, like people, like a person, stand up, look at, look forward to, hope ... and there is a heroic spirit that looks likeFly the same as the ground.And all this is more spectacular. Often, when you see a very tall mountain, it seems like who split the Dashi Mountain in the half and leave the remaining half to make a riverside.And these mountains stand there, magnificent, the mountains overlap, and the names of Qianshan Yili are even more high and unsure. This is the mountains of my beautiful hometown.


The breeze blew, and the river rose around the waves, and the rhythmic rushing sounded, like a piece of music, was pleasant.


My favorite is a small river not far from home. It is not deep and shallow.In a narrow place, you can walk over a few small stones; wide places, like a pond water, crystal clear, clear and bottom, plus the grass and trees on both sides of the strait, it is really blue waves. This is my beautiful hometown of hometown.Water.


In the morning, the sky was clear, and the clouds were full of clouds.The sun father -in -law made everything a thin layer of golden yellow.A group of birds jumped on the branches of the old pine trees, singing "叽 一", these naughty people jumped up, those crystal small dew, "dripped", jumped to the ground, and continued their "travel".The air is also very fresh in the morning. You take a deep breath, as if you can forget all your troubles, this is the morning of my beautiful hometown.


At noon, the children walked on the field, and the endless hope was cauliflower, covering all kinds of cabbage and peas.They emit a scent of sunlight and sweat?Not like.Wine fragrance?Not like.But with the trace of warm wind, they floated in the field.The mirror -like surface reflects the silver light.Those birds and big trees are not so energetic. They are going to sleep ... In this way, there is a strong sleep in the beautiful hometown.This is the noon of my beautiful hometown. Hush, everyone needs to be quiet ...


In the evening, the sunset seemed to be a well -known apple, hanging in the sky high, making the sky brilliant.After the crispy get out of class bell rang, the students quickly packed their schoolbags. Everyone's three or three places strolled outside the campus and sent a flowers to the fragrance of flowers.This is the evening of my beautiful hometown.


This is my beautiful hometown, where there are tall mountains, clear water, in the morning with clear sky, noon at noon, and the evening of the sunset and sunset. These things make our beautiful hometown peopleYou can "make the sunrise at sunset every day," do you like my beautiful hometown?

小学优秀作文800字 篇2


"Five -star red star fluttering the wind, how bright the victory singing ..." Whenever this song echoed in my ear, I remembered the scene of my first national speech.


From a low -grade elementary school student to a member of the flag -raising team for the first time, to the first speaker of the five -star red representative, this is a long enough process.When I was young, I envied those classmates who raised the flag -raised bearers and admired those speeches. I felt that they were so glorious and prestigious. I hope that one day I can become them.


Finally, that day came.I remember that at that time, the next week was our Ban Sheng national flag. The head teacher told everyone to remember to wear school uniforms next week!"This time, let Han Jingjing's representative of the classmate spoke!" When I heard this sentence, my mouth was very good, I couldn't match it for a long time. The long -awaited sentence finally waited, how excited and excitement was in my heart.I jumped around my friends, "Oh!" When I was unusually happy, the old class gave me the manuscript and let me prepare it.It can be said that my dream is round.When I go home on the weekend, I can't wait to take out the speech . First of all, read it in general. If you don't know the words you don't know, move out the thick "Ci Hai" to check them one by one. Then, I started to practice over and over again.... When you read it into the recitation, the feeling is really "everything is ready, only owe the east wind".


On Sunday night, I imagined the scene of my real speech tomorrow, and I was so excited that I didn't sleep well all night.The next morning, I got up early and washed. I picked up the red scarf on the bed and worn neatly on my chest.There was wind that day.


The ceremony of raising the national flag officially started. My heart began to jump straight, I encouraged myself: You can do it, and soon "the third item, the representative of the classmates of the fifth (3) class." I calmed down and walked to the national level. " Dear leaders, teachers, classmates, hello! "I tried my best to let go of the voice, hoping that others sounded loudly, but I suddenly found out how trembling my voice was. A pair of eyes under the audience stared at me tightly. In my eyes, their eyes were sharp and serious, so that I buried the raised head quietly. Suddenly a builled north wind struck, and I felt extremely cold, and even the manuscript in my hand yelled. I don't know how I read it, my heart is still tight. Looking at the speech in my hand, I suddenly felt ashamed: the teacher asked me to give me a chance to show me a chance. He believes that I can read the manuscript, and I believe that I can challenge everything and do it well. Not to mention that I can speak at the flag -raising ceremony, which is what I dream of. Today he can finally achieve it, and can I lower my head? Can you be timid? cannot! Thinking of this, my heart was a lot more peaceful. So I raised my head proudly and continued to read aloud with confidence. I suddenly discovered that I became very calm. I don't know why, the once sharp eyes were mild. It turns out that everything is because of psychological effects, it is always tapping.


That speech made me unforgettable.The former red scarf, the former speech, and the former audience seemed to have emerged in my mind.


It is a never -annihilation scene in my heart.

小学优秀作文800字 篇3


Home, always give people warm feelings.The school gave a deeper connotation.In the "United Nations" in the fifth grade of the experimental primary school, 93 innocent classmates and two kindness "captains".


In the "United Nations", you can see representatives from "various places", and "United Nations" is also very suitable for the aesthetics of students.The door and the blackboard newspaper is a patent of several students of the "naughty kingdom". The blackboard belongs to the "captain" ... Let's talk about the famous diplomats of "United Nations"!


Liu Hongxiao, Zhu Zhenglin, Huang Feihong, Yuan Hao, and Zhou Yuhan are heavyweights from the "Fat Kingdom" diplomats. Listen to them, in the "fat country", people across the country are aesthetically aesthetic!Zhou Junjie from "Music Country" likes singing the most, and she can hear her melodious singing every day.Every day, Sun Shishi, who is silent, comes from the "Mully Kingdom". Every time we see her, we seem to feel the sorrows in her eyes.Yuan Xiaoli, who burst into tears, was from the "Crying Ghost Kingdom". Her classmates joked with her. She cried. The teacher had not started criticizing her. She immediately cried, so that the classmates had to be careful in front of her.The well -known Tang family came from "learning kingdom". In her eyes, learning was considered the most holy thing. As long as there are learning tasks, everything else is exempted.

  下面为大家重点加重点介绍在各个国家的的外交官中“鹤立鸡群”的一个家族——“蟋蟀家族”!首先介绍族长——邓骏,他不仅是“蟋蟀家族”的族长,还是整个“联合国”的班长,光是说他的优点就可以数一长串,比如具有领导风范、关心集体、乐于助人等,更别说他还有那么一丁点的缺点了!然后就是“蟋蟀家族”的游戏部部长——张博宇,他的人生格言就是:人生似一场游戏,把每一次挑战都看作一场游戏,闯过去吧!闯不过去,只有GAME OVER了!还有罗文江,他是我们的玩具部部长,他的人生格言就是:做任何事都像摆弄一个变形金刚,聪明一点,就把机器人变成汽车了。还有老幺,就是刘洪肖,因为他是最后才加入这个团队,遇到什么事总是一笑泯恩仇,所以大家都叫他“微笑使者”。

The following focuses on the focus of the "Heli Chicken Group" of the diplomats in various countries- "Family"!First of all, the chief of the family -Deng Jun, he is not only the patriarch of the "family", but also the squad leader of the entire "United Nations". It is said that his advantages can count a long string, such as leadership style, care of collective, helping others, etc.Not to mention that he still has such a little bit of shortcomings!Then there is Zhang Boyu, the minister of the "蟋蟀 family", his life is: life is like a game, and every challenge is regarded as a game.Can't go through, only Game Over!There is also Luo Wenjiang. He is our minister of toy. His life is: doing everything is like playing with a Transformers, smarter, and turning the robot into a car.There is also the old man, Liu Hongxiao, because he joined the team in the end, and he always smiled and enmounted, so everyone called him "Smile Messenger".


Next, I will introduce the two captains, Teacher Wang and Teacher Zhou.The two of them are our mother, who cares about our learning and our lives.Teacher Wang likes to laugh the most, and makes us feel very kind. She sometimes looks like a child and often plays games with us. If she loses, she will still blush.Teacher Zhou is rigorous in teaching. Even if we have committed a small mistake in calculation, she wants us to do it again until we fully understand it.It may be because of such a teacher to have such a sentence: the teacher's love is like a cup of coffee, there are some bitterness at the entrance, but if you slowly look back, you will feel a strong fragrance.


How about, a small "United Nations" has so many and unique "diplomats". I hope you also join our house -the fifth grade and fourth class "United Nations"!


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