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Talk about my composition of elementary school students in my heart


As social networks are becoming popular, more and more people will post online and talk about personal living conditions with friends and relatives.What kind of talk to make people shine?The following is a collection of composition collected by Xiaobian for everyone in my heart. It is for reference only. I hope to help everyone.


Talk about my composition of elementary school students in my heart1


Teacher, I have a stomach that I want to tell you, but I hesitated again. Today, with the encouragement of my mother, I will use this opportunity to write an essay to open up and tell you!


Teacher, you often say, "The world's articles are copied, it depends on you will copy it or not." Regarding this, let me express my own point of view: I think you let your students extract good words and good sentences.The classmates have a sense of dependence. I used to read the newspaper: When a classmate college entrance examination, he wrote the composition was too adult. Therefore, the examiner thought he was copied, so he did not get a high score.I think that excerpts are okay, but let him modify it appropriately and give full play to his imagination. I believe that in this case, but for a month, the composition of the classmates will definitely improve quickly.


Teacher, do you know the other side of me?In your eyes, I may be a good student who loves to help classmates and has a very academic performance. Do you want to know my performance at home?Is there a railing next to you?If so, do it, don't be too excited.I am a only child at home. I want stars, stars, the moon, to the moon, and I complained about parents when the meals are burned late. Our family held a family meeting yesterday and listed my mistakes for 3 points: 1.Life is not self -care and unknowingly study.Um with parents.3.If you make a mistake, you will not correct it.So I will definitely change these errors in the future.


My ideal is to be a detective, so now I need to study hard. In the future, I will be admitted to the "Beijing Public Security University" to let those thieves all extinct and truly achieve "the world without thieves."


Okay, Teacher Zhou, there are so many words in my heart, let's talk to you tomorrow!


Talk about my composition of elementary school students in my heart2


Everyone said: "The greatest 'love in the world is from the mother's inner love. The mother's heart is pure and supreme. Every mother in the world has the most devout love, hiding a sincereLove."


All year after year, you are like a hard gardener, you can care for me hard work and cultivate me. I don't know how much effort will it take!You are constantly encouraging me, spurring me, worrying about me, and hard work for me. I just hope that one day, I can become an extraordinary person among ordinary people.The ruthless years have left traces on your forehead, but your love for me is not only unchanged, but also deeper.


Do you remember? Once, I encountered a problem, I couldn't help but think about it, and I said, "This Olympiad question is too difficult. I don't do it. Anyway, the teacher will talk about it tomorrow, why can I feel hard?" Unexpectedly, these words were heard by you. I thought to myself: After finishing the egg, I have to criticize again. But you say, "Okay! I agree with your thoughts." "Agree? Did I hear it wrong?" "No, you heard right, right! I agree." I thought: Mom, what do you want! The next morning, I went to school as usual. The teacher told that Olympic question again. I didn't understand it, and the teacher said, "Tomorrow's type of question should be exams to see if your listening effect and listening ability are good. , I remember it by myself! "After school, I got home and finished my homework, but I really do n’t understand that Olympic question, so I asked you," You know where you are wrong now Did I think about it and say, "I shouldn't say those words." "Yes, your elementary school students should do this. I don’t know if I want to ask others, don't ignore it or pretend to understand it. Benefits. "Then, you start to counsel me to do that math problem.


Mom, I just want to say to you, "You have worked hard!"


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