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2020-05-11 00:00




Dear uncle and aunt:


  Hello! I haven't met you, but I know you are warriors in this battle without gunpowder. You have a common name called Hero!


  The epidemic is like the Stormtrooper. You leave your young children behind, hide from your parents, and are reluctant to part with your lover. You rush to the front line of the epidemic without hesitation. You said: "the hospital is a battlefield, as soldiers, we do not rush up, who goes up?" yes, we can not go to Wuhan, you can not! We can not go to the hospital, but you can not!


  "Where is there any angel in white? It's just a group of children who have changed their clothes and are learning the way of their predecessors. It's just a matter of curing diseases and saving lives and robbing people from death."


  In the news of these days, I saw the hard and haggard figure of your medical staff, heard your hoarse voice, and the swollen cheek of the protective mask, and the tears quietly rolled in my eyes.


  You are heroes and soldiers in white. I believe that the virus will be defeated by you soon. The victory will belong to us!


  In this battle, there are countless unknown heroes who deeply shocked us with their touching deeds. We need weapons for the battle, and the weapons for this battle are all kinds of medicines, masks, protective clothing and other supplies. We want to say to the uncle and aunt in charge of this logistics support work that you are working hard!


  It is you who produce medical materials day and night, allocate and transport materials without sleep or food, so that these "weapons" can be sent to the front-line battlefield, so that they can protect our soldiers in white and help patients overcome the virus.


  Seeing the news that medical materials are in urgent need all over the country, compatriots at home and abroad are eager to find various ways to deliver the materials to the front-line "generals". Because you know, medical staff without protective masks and protective clothing are like soldiers with bare hands on the battlefield. They will only die in front of the enemy. We would like to say to you, thank you! Unknown behind the scenes heroes!


  I would also like to thank those uncles and aunts who are immersed in the research and development of antiviral drugs in the laboratory. With you, we can develop a super sensitive 2019 ncov virus detection kit in the shortest time, so that more patients can find and isolate in time. The success of the antiviral spray will protect the white warriors. I believe that in the near future, the drugs to defeat the virus will be produced as soon as possible, and then we will be able to breathe freely in the sun!


  Finally, let us novel coronavirus fight against the outbreak of new Wuhan coronavirus pneumonia warriors, behind the scenes logistics support, R & D of the heroes of the highest respect.


  Good health to you!



  A few days ago, I got to know something through the picture book of coronavirus sent by my teacher. It's a kind of virus transferred from animals to human body! This virus has infected many people now, most of the infected people will have fever, cough, dyspnea, serious life-threatening!


  Now there are many doctors and nurses who are risking their lives to treat patients every day. They are very, very hard! So if we want to help them, we can only fight against the virus if we protect ourselves. You must remember that you must wear masks and wash your hands frequently when you go out. Do not go to crowded places! After the Spring Festival, we can go to school and play happily!


  I know that only by doing it myself can I do no harm to others! Also hope that the sick uncles and aunts can recover soon!



  The epidemic, like a big quagmire, people fell in one by one. This new year is an unusual one. Every day, we are fighting against the virus. In normal times, we may be strangers or friends, but in the battle field against the virus, we are all comrades in arms!


  Look at the bravest and loveliest people on the battlefield - Angels in white. In spite of the danger, they perform their duties as doctors and stick to their posts all the time. They infect everyone in the battlefield with fearless courage, firm belief and amazing perseverance. When we enter their hearts, we will know that the angels in white are not easy, they also have family members, they will also have concerns about home, and there will be a flash of worry in their hearts: in case I am infected, what should my children do But more importantly, as a white angel, their sense of mission and responsibility made them sacrifice too much and insisted on the belief of saving lives. They rush to the forefront of the battlefield and fight directly against the virus. Let's salute the angels in white!


  Although we ordinary people can not go to the front line, no matter where we come from, no matter where we go to the ends of the world, we are all family, we can use a heart full of love to refuel each other. So, let's take care of each other with warm eyes, optimistic smile and beautiful encouragement, and rush forward with firm steps, and work together to win the virus eradication war. As long as we are heart to heart, hand in hand, United, let the virus taste the power of unity, we will be able to win!


  This winter must be tough, but spring always comes. Even if the night is long, the day will come. When the spring is bright, you guys go out together, play together, compare hearts together, and then shout "we win!"





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