A spring festival that can't go out


  This year is a special spring festival, our family stay at home every day, because the Wuhan people eat wild animals, got the new pneumonia.


  This kind of pneumonia spreads very fast. It can spread a kind of coronavirus by breathing. It's the king of the virus, so it's very powerful. This virus can make people sick immediately. They need to go to the hospital and be separated from others. Otherwise, others will get this kind of pneumonia.


  It has spread all over the country. We have it in Hangzhou, Shanghai, and even in America, which is far away from us.


  I think human beings should treat wild animals well, not eat them, let them live in their own homes, with their families, so that wild animals will be very happy, and we humans will be more happy and healthy.


  Dear children and students, let's take action and tell our families to love wild animals, that is to love ourselves.



  Novel coronavirus infection is the most popular day in January 24th. But in response to the new outbreak of coronavirus infection, there are still a large number of medical staff taking the initiative to fight against the epidemic.


  They have the spirit of iron and steel, and the dedication of the family to everyone. They burn themselves like candles to light up the whole land of China. When we are reunited, we should think that some soldiers are still on the front line of the motherland and make their own contribution to the peace and stability of the motherland.


  This Spring Festival, they are busier and more arduous than ever before. The novel coronavirus infected pneumonia harbour evil designs, and they are the first warriors to guard their lives. They take the sick man from the devil's hands, and escort him all the way, racing with death at the speed of death. What they hand over is life, what they guard is the doctor's promise to the patient.


  The novel coronavirus pneumonia has ignited war against us this Spring Festival, but we must not be afraid.



  At present, the novel coronavirus infection caused pneumonia epidemic affects the hearts of the Chinese people. Friends meet, wechat chat and friends circle share, almost three sentences are inseparable from the latest progress of the epidemic. Behind the discussion is people's concern about the epidemic, as well as their own and family health. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, some people, for their own interests, have spread rumors on the Internet to create a terrorist atmosphere, using consumer anxiety to drive up prices for huge profits, which not only aggravates people's anxiety, but also affects social order. In the face of the epidemic, no one can stay away from it. Only by putting aside their own interests can we win the battle.


  Everyone should stop the rumor. It's beyond reproach for friends to pass on information and remind each other. It's worth advocating to remind each other in front of the epidemic situation, but deliberately spreading rumors of serious situation and alarmism is beyond the scope. This kind of behavior of consuming public anxiety in order to win the audience's attention will bring serious harm to social order. In the Internet age, the harm of rumors will be multiplied. Especially in the emergency of fighting against the epidemic, the harm to society is immeasurable. Therefore, it is everyone's responsibility to stop the fabrication of rumors and the spread of rumors.


  Everyone should bear the social responsibility before the epidemic. Recently, experts have called for unnecessary things not to go to Wuhan, and Wuhan people not to leave Wuhan for unnecessary things. Although everyone has the freedom of movement, the overall situation of the epidemic should still be the most important.


  The prevention and control of the epidemic is testing us. It is not only a battle for medical personnel, but also a battle for the whole people. We can't take chances in fighting the epidemic, but we must be sober and calm. Only when we are united can we form a joint force to overcome the epidemic.



  The novel coronavirus has been widely distributed from Wuhan to various provinces in China, and the news has already made the whole country panic.


  In recent times, the hot spot we brush is not the Spring Festival, not stars, not entertainment events, but the daily of epidemic data and real-time report of the situation. In recent days, novel coronavirus has been attacked and sustained good news has come.


  Among them, we need to know three don't:


  1. Don't believe in experts. Believe in experts, but not too superstitious. Experts may also be infected. In the face of unknown viruses, experts are just as weak as us.


  2、 Don't get lucky. There are various ways of new virus infection. At present, neither the source of infection nor the mode of transmission can be effectively controlled. The safest way is to isolate all possible ways of contact with the virus.


  3. Don't use drugs indiscriminately. At present, there is no general medicine to cure the disease, the core of anti-virus is to improve the resistance, and conventional means of virus prevention are in vain.


  I believe that as long as we unite and work together, we can defeat this "vicious war". Come on, Wuhan! Go China!