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  Hello everyone!

  There is a kind of care is selfless, love is a great, there is a kind of dedication is extraordinary, when the flowers bloom in spring, perhaps some people admire the beauty of the flower leaves, tall and straight, who would think of that piece of unknown to the public green? If you compare the hospital to the tree of life, you are the smallest green leaf on the branch and release it quietly。

  White is your elegant skirt sleeve, careful is your gentle words, love is your gentle pace, your health is pouring love, responsibility is your eyes, your life is an eternal theme。 You have no brilliant colors, only a pure angel of the angel of life。 You have no elegant appearance, only a tireless running shadow。 Infusion, oxygen inhalation, blood pumping, enema。 The dry care operation is perfect in your elegant hands, and effective treatment is successfully implemented in critical patients。 Once the patient's pale face has a blood color, once the patient's helpless eyes have hope, you use the youthful appearance, sent countless deep dark night。 You have ushered in many brilliant dawn with deep medical knowledge。

  When night time, your shadow still flashing, the love silently, is caught in the ring in patients with permanent warmth; patients were seriously ill, your hands before bed tense rescue, send a piece of courage perseverance, leaving a string of fragrant blessing; cordial discourse beside his wheelchair, Wenhanwennuan, gurgling stream it's sweet to drive away the haze, the black; patients died, scrubbing, cleaning and dressing, or to accompany you。 Let us listen to your inner footsteps, though ordinary, like a mustard grass, but people have to give your angel's reputation。 The nursing work is reflected in the daily trivial, it is these trivial but carries the trust of many people's life!

  Every day you shuttle between the wards and nursing station, rush to countless salt water, write countless nursing records, on this battlefield without smoke, every day, they deduce simplicity and commonness everyday。 Your story may not be very touching, the plot only touch one deeply in the heart, some days and months multiplying trifling thing。 None of these things is special, but when these trivial matters are connected with time, the power of persistence makes the trivial things move。 Maybe, this is the professional charm of the nurse。

  I praise you angels, you give a hint of warmth, a love, a drop of sweat, a truth; for the most precious youth, in exchange for the thousands of households the health and happiness of peace。 It is because of your hard work and efforts, will make the patient in the most painful time, believe that there is love; you let the patient in the most desperate time, believe that there really is good in the world; you have made the patient in the bristle, believe that the good is human nature; you have made the patient standing strong in the journey of life the pain in a dangerous situation, Nirvana and despair in the flames。 What you send to the patients is the rain and dew, the generous nourishing and the warmth of the spring wind, you are the seed disseminators of love, you are the creator of spring!

  I praise you with selfless love, in the face of multiple personality patients, your dedication is the sea as a great mood, even though they face difficulties they are wronged by a day old to say to the patient and the medical ethics and the model; you can in the trivial and complicated, difficult and hard work in ordinary use; the delicate shoulder to shoulder a daughter, mother, wife of the burden, facing the dying patients in need of help, you know only to the terminally ill patients with mental disorders, communication and exchange become your best trick。 Do you like spring rain to moisten the patient a heart; like the fresh breeze of summer can take heart in patients with irritability; like autumn moon to illuminate the road to health。


  We love the homeland, picturesque scenery, old times。

  Because of love, the green leaves shine silently under the Golden COW mountain。

  Because there is love, the waves in the water bloom quietly canglang;

  Because of love, Liu Xiang took the gold medal in the 100m runway。

  Because of love, Ye Xin sprinkles warm blood before SARS!

  Today, the topic I speak for you is: because of love。

  The most loved ones in the world are parents and children, and we do not know how many parents and sons and daughters owe to our work。 Our head nurse's son is a lovely 4 year old boy, and we call him a cub。 Because of his parents' busy work, he often stays in her grandmother's house。 Sometimes, his mother answers him。 Guess what he said? "I don't go to your house, every day only knows work, surgery, and do not accompany me, I want to stay in my own home。" Childish words make people laugh, but laugh behind it has a kind of sad? Once, the cub was sick, he kept coughing and had a high fever。 The grandmother took the snow to him in the operation room, and the people in the Department felt uncomfortable。 But the head nurse couldn't get rid of it because of the operation。 He didn't even hug his son。 He said, "go to Daddy。" Who knew Dad was busy too, and asked him to come to the operation room。 "Is it important for your son, or is it important for your department?" My grandmother was so angry that he didn't know what to say。 Friend, who does not love his own child? Golgi said: love the child, this is the hen。 Poor boy but his disease medicine parents around, as a mother can't take care of her sick child is what kind of helpless? But as a nurse can throw away everything to take care of more sick people, what is this for? Because there is love!

  If the spirit of selfless dedication is our eternal pursuit, then the noble virtuous morality is the life we cherish! One day, Doctor Liu of our department went to see the patient before the operation。 When he left, he felt that the bag seemed to move。 It was a red bag and hurried back to his family。 "During the anesthesia count on you, is not too?" Looking at the eyes that the patient depends on, thinking of the red packet is undoubtedly the best tranquilizer for him, and the return of the red packet has not been successful。 The anesthesia was satisfactory and the operation was successful。 Dr。 Liu took out his red bag at the return visit。 "Hey, I sincerely thank you。 Please take it。" It is still unsuccessful to return the red package。 Thinking of the difficult situation of the patient, the pain of the body, and the huge amount of medical expenses, this red bag is like a stone on his heart, making him unhappy。 He said to his wife, "we are all children of poor families, but we have done what we should do。 Patients can not afford to work now, and even can not afford to pay for hospitalization。 How can I get their hard—earned money?" "Back and back, it is better to give the hospital, let the hospital back。" The wife admired the husband's practice and put forward the suggestion。 When he came out of the hospital office, he thought that with such money, the patient could spend more days on his days, and he could stay for several days。 His pace could not help but be very light, and his smiling face was as bright as the sunshine outside the window。 Three return envelopes, although this is not like Wang as the heroic self sacrifice and the spirit of self sacrifice, is not the same? As an ordinary doctor, can care, urgent emergency patients, adherence to ethics, lastly, this is for what? Or because of love!

  Because of love, in a sunny day, we listen to the concerto cutlery and needle forceps; because there is love, beginning in the sleepless moment, we feel the life and death of the symphony。

  In July 6th the accident still at present。 More than nine in the morning, the fast footsteps and calls came from the outside of the operation room: save the people quickly! Quick rescue! We were reflexed to the gate, and we immediately took the patient to the operation and ran to ask the injury。 The more than 40 patients poured in and did not see such an emergency in the movie。 All surgery patients accounted for over, lying on the ground, just like the battlefield countless wounded as mud eyeful is spread all across in confusion, facial features and limbs bleeding。 Like the warriors on the back of the gun, the anesthesiologist brought in the intubation apparatus, the monitor, the nurse prepared the infusion set and the operation bag。 The operation between a hectic atmosphere, calm and resolute voice sounded from time to time: fast infusion, oxygen therapy, artificial respiration, cardiac massage。。。。。。 At three p。m。, through the leadership of the conductor and the help of the brothers department, the battle that did not smoke was finally finished。 At this time, the hospital and nursing department leaders personally sent us reeky meals, repeatedly said: everyone! At this time, nobody noticed her hands and clothes were covered with blood, sweat soaked hats and masks。 Everyone devoured all the food, as if it had never been delicious and satisfied。 Yes, because there is love, a badly mutilated patients back ward; because of love, we also gain the leadership and the people of our concern and affirmation! Friends, if our hospital is a towering tree, we are connected with the trunk information pulse leaves; if the life—saving cause is a surging river, we are quietly bloomed in the torrent of spray。

  Because the green leaves have love, the Jinniu Mountain is so high and upright。

  Because the waves of love, it has a long history of Canglang water;

  Because of Liu Xiang's love, China's track and field is full of hope;

  Because ye Xin has love, she is always admired by us。

  Because we have love, we will be able to heal more brilliant writing career!

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