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Chapter 1: Autumn Campus


Send away the colorful and colorful spring; bid farewell to the summer of the sun and the sun;


After pushing the school gate, he hit the autumn wind full of arms. The air was filled with the fragrance of osmanthus, elegant and noble.The campus is so delicious!


Entering the campus, the dynamic flower beds are in sight.The irregular altar shape made her unrestrained; the flowers of the flowers made her noble and elegant.Coupled with the embellishment of red leaves, the baptism of autumn rain.A young girl who gathered noble, elegant, unrestrained appeared.


The red pomegranate hung on the branches and bent the branches.A burst of autumn wind blew, and the pomegranate tree danced with the wind.The stars in the flower bed are her only embroidered shoes, the fallen leaves are her tears, earthworms are her most loyal audience, pomegranate flower is her hairpin, pomegranate is her earrings ... she is using worriesWelcome to autumn ...


A set of elegant and noble fragrance rushed around, surrounded by me.Two rows of ladies who went to find incense, the bold and heroic two rows of ladies were neatly arranged on the stairs.The clusters of golden ginseng paved two golden carpets, noble and elegant, gorgeous and simple.They are the elves that make the campus vibrant; they are the angels who make the campus fragrance ten miles.


Not good, the wall in front of the teaching building was on fire.what!Closely, it turned out to be the climbing tiger family after being rendered by the autumn wind.You see, they woven a fiery barrier, looking far away, just like a hot wall, like a red curtain.Plug this red curtain, and it is holding the party: ants are playing music, butterflies are dancing, bees are singing ...


Autumn is a beautiful girl, walking into a beautiful campus with a light footsteps.Autumn is a pair of dexterous hands, weaving a beautiful campus.Autumn is a wonderful fairy tale, depicting beautiful campuses.


Chapter 2: A scene of a campus


The school is where we are familiar with, and it is where we grow together. The school is the most beautiful place in my heart.


Our school has flowers and grass, just like a large garden. It seems that all flowers and trees are gathered in this large "garden". Our school flowers and plants are lush. Of course, in this large "garden"Grandpa Pang Hu.


On the left side of the gate of our school, there is a big tree. This big tree is very lush, and some of the trees that highlight the ground are full of fallen leaves.


On the stump, there is a cluster of leaves. This tree seems to be very vitality. It stands straight there, just like the soldiers guard our school.


Observe carefully, the leaves of this tree are green, just like a flawless jadeite, there seems to be no gap.


Its tree is height, higher than teaching buildings, and higher than several buildings near the school. Its branches are very long and thick.


In the spring of spring, this tree is full of leaves and green leaves, as if dancing in school.


In the summer of the sun, the leaves of this tree are even more lush. If you approach this tree, you will immediately feel cool. At this time, your hot heat will slowly disappear.


In the autumn of autumn, the leaves on the trees have become yellow, and the yellow leaves fall with the wind.


In the winter of the north wind, the leaves of this tree have almost fallen, but it still stands there strongly, waiting for the spring to come ...


On the campus, this big tree, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, this tree has always stood there and accompanies us forever.


Chapter 3: Campus


In a corner, I admire every scene, and every scene on the campus makes me open.


Whenever I walk through the corridor of a teaching building, I will hear the students 'reading sounds. At this time, I am also listening to the students' hearts seriously. They are struggling for themselves.The sound of reading made me think a lot. In the next three years, I have to work hard to cheer for my own voice. The outer light of each teaching building is very unique. The color of each teaching building is consistent.Red, there are snow -like golden sides with snow -like inner walls, and each teaching building is the same.


There is a tree opposite the student restaurant. Under the shining of summer, it still thrives. Under the scorching sun, this tree is stronger than I think. As long as we observe it seriously, you can see this treeThe leaf on the upper leaf is constantly growing, not that the summer when the scorching sun will die or die, whether it is windy or rainy, it will not fall down because it is strong because it wants to give the children the children.Bringing happiness, the sun's sun is burning, he can fan the children, cover it, and it can cover up the children when it is pouring.


There are green grass around the trees, and there are thousands of red flowers. I feel bad in my mood. Sitting under the tree, the breeze quietly blows across my side, I lie quietly on the grass, I can listenGoing to the breeze, the leaves made a rustling sound, the birds sang, the flowers were dancing, and the grass was applauding. At this time, I felt that my god was refreshing and my mood relaxed a lot.The scenery of the campus is more than you.Also lawn, playground, gymnasium ...


This is our campus, I love our campus.


Chapter 4: September Campus


With the long wind of school in September, he came to earth.The campus of September also ushered in children who started schools. There were older children who were already familiar with this campus, and some of them who had just become elementary school. They felt strange to everything here.


The campus of September is lively.Just the first grade children, facing strange campuses, strange teachers, curiously full of their hearts.From time to time, they point to the scenes in the school.At the time of class, they could hear their laughter across a building.In my eyes, they seemed to be a snoring bird, flying around.However, the appearance of senior students is completely different. In the classrooms of grades in the fifth and sixth grades, you can only hear the sound of the book of Langlang.


The campus of September is beautiful.September is the last enthusiasm of midsummer, and it is also the first autumn wind and autumn rain in autumn.On the side of the playground, there was a wooden bar and a beautiful and moving flowers.There are pink camellia, and there are not humble stars that are inconspicuous, but they are particularly moving.See, a "bird" with only flowers is flying. Ah, the children who were just going to school were just wearing new clothes and running on the campus.


The campus of September is full of vitality.As the saying goes, the summer wind is smoked, and he is angry.But the vitality is not just the flowers and plants on the campus, but we are the most vivid.On the red runway, we all sweated and worked hard.On the jumping venue, the students raised their legs to strive to reach a new high.


September campus is full of happiness.The teacher led into the palace of knowledge, and the books also made us go to a higher level.Food supplements our body needs, and knowledge can nurture our soul. Here, I feel the joy of harvesting knowledge.On the track and field, we sweated, and I felt the joy of exercise again.September campus is full of happiness.


The campus of September is lively, beautiful, vibrant, and happy.In September, we learned knowledge. In September, we sweated.I love the campus of September.


Fifth: Campus_My Favorite Place


Some people love the West Lake that is like a mirror, some people love the magnificent sea, some people love Guilin with "landscapes and worlds", some people love the magnificent Great Wall, and some people love high -risk Taishan.However, I love the ordinary campus. Although the campus does not have the beauty of the West Lake, there is no majesty of the Great Wall, and there is no name for Guilin, it has a unique flavor. It is the favorite place in my heart.


I love campus, love campus.


In the early morning, the sun was somewhat glorious. A big tree of the sky stood around the campus, as if the guards guarded the homeland. The upright body had the meaning of death with my home.The four flower beds are distributed around the school. Various flowers are fighting, red, white, pink, and pink in this small world. It ’s likely that others have grabbed the limelight, as if this is a beauty pageant.Several teaching buildings stand around the flower bed, like this wood and love beauty, and they are struggling to be the messenger of the flower.


On the sunny campus beauty, the campus on the rainy day is more beautiful.


A tall tree accepted the gift of heaven, bathing in the rain, and a blooming flower in the rain did not forget to show their beautiful face in the rain.The pearl -like raindrops have continued to fall down to form a campus rain scene.


The beauty of the campus, the beauty of the campus in the rain, and the campus in the fog have a unique flavor.


The towering trees, the fierce flowers, are hidden in this milk -like mist.Standing upstairs and towards the distance, everything is so beautiful, everything is so embarrassed, everything is so embarrassing.The scenery in the distance is in the Mongolian world, like Xianshan Pavilion, giving people a sense of staying away from the world.


The picturesque scenery of love campus loves schools more.


Teachers 'dedication, students' love, and the harmony between teachers and students have added some fun to this bitter learning.In the early morning, the student's reading voice also added some interest to the school.The crisp laughter made when the student ran on the playground, and the innocent smiley face became the unique landscape of the school.


The school is a beautiful picture, the condensation of knowledge and happiness, but it is also a generation of people.


From the little doll who learned to this lively and lovely Tingting girl, from that naive child to this young boy, from the little girl who did not know the high and the earth to this old -fashioned student.Given the campus?


Love campus, love campus, people who love campus, and more love the campus of the campus to generations, the love of thousands of words to the campus can only be said:


Campus, I love you!


Sixth: Campus scenery


The life on the campus is colorful, and the scenery on the campus is picturesque.


Spring campus is lively.The children ran, danced, played and saved on the playground, and danced beautiful dances ... There was a loud sound of reading, making the quiet campus lively.The small grass, the little flowers were lazily exposed to the sun, the leaves of the big branches were hot by the sun, and the green was dazzling.Everything recovers, the birds are crying, as if pouring the joy of coming in spring,


Summer campus is vibrant.The sun shines on the ground hot.Let the campus dye a layer of heat.Children are not afraid to run, they are still jumping, and they are still making trouble.Tired of playing, sitting under the shade of the tree, a breeze blowing, wiping off the sweat on your forehead, the big tree blocked the sun like a teacher.


The autumn campus is beautiful.The color of the leaves seems to be stained with different colors.There are golden yellow, dark green, and green colors in yellow, making the leaves look different.The wind blows lightly, and the leaves dance in the air, beautiful!


The cold wind of the campus in winter.Children.Rubbing his hands, facing the heat sprayed from his mouth, so that his hand was no longer cold.As soon as the wind blows, everyone shivered.After class, the classmates did not go out and sat in the classroom.


What a beautiful scenery on campus!I really want to wave the brush and draw all this beautiful everything.


Seventh: Looking back, nostalgic campus


I do n’t know when, the door of the campus has been opened for me.


Thinking back to me as a child.For the first time to go to school, every time you step into the door of the campus, there will always be a trace of reluctance in your heart; every time you see the teacher, there will always be a trace of fear in your heart; every time you look at the scenery on the campus, there will always be a trace of trace in your heart.Unfamiliar ...


A few days before graduation, I realized that I had changed, and it became mature from the original ignorance.I am no longer tired of the math teacher dragging classes, but I want to ask her to drag for a while, so that I will look at the teacher's face that gradually grows wrinkled, listen to the teacher's kind and majestic voice, and engraved them in my heart.Go on, nostalgia.


Today, I have spent six years on the campus and six ups and downs.Whenever I think of the campus, there will always be a trace of admiration in my heart; whenever I think of the teacher, there will always be a trace of kindness in my heart; whenever I think of my classmates, there will always be a trace of sweetness in my heart ...


"Dingling Bell ..." After school, it sounded, which means that we have been close to middle school career for a day, and we and campus.And teacher.The day with classmates is less than one day.Take a heavy step and walk out of the school gate.Suddenly, when I remembered something, my heart could not help but trembled slightly, slowly turned her head, and looked at the campus again, just like the scene to go home when I came to school for the first time six years ago, but now, sadness has replaced joy.


Looking at the campus, the scenery is still, but it is no longer brand new.The school gate couldn't stand the destruction of the years. It has been rust, and several saplings have grown tall and standing in the storm; the rockery in front of the teaching building also grows a plant weed, and the years are emotional;There is a trail of the mountain, and the sea is still brilliant without learning the sea. "


Wailing his eyes to prevent tears from flowing out.Then carefully put every tree on the campus.Each building.Every flower.Everyone watched it again, and always remembered this beautiful moment forever, and always in my heart, becoming the best in my primary career.The most eternal memory!


Perhaps, ten years, twenty years later, look back, and then nostalgic for the campus ...


Chapter 8: Beautiful Campus


Our campus is very beautiful!When you come to the campus to play, you will be reluctant to leave.


There is a small flower bed on the left and right sides of the campus. There are rhododendron, peony, etc. in the flower bed.The flowers and trees, the world has countless flowers and trees.


Every morning, there is no brightness in the sky, and the gray scenes can't see the scenery in the distance. I can see our beautiful campus on the way to school.Of course, the small flower bed can also be seen.Many people who have not been here think they are the mayor or the accommodation of the senior character!When you approach, you can find that it is not the mayor or the accommodation of the senior character, but a beautiful school!


There is also a stream in the flower bed on the campus to spare the entire flower bed. Normally, there are many birds shouting on the tree in the flower bed.Especially in the early morning, people who are not familiar with the school environment will feel the same as the fairyland on earth.Watching this charming "Wonderland of the World ', it seems that you have thrown all your troubles out of the clouds!


This is our campus.I love my campus!


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